While some nerds hold to the rule that you’re either a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan, most modern geeks have come to accept they can like both series, equally, without any crisis of conscious. And now,  Her Universe – originally a Star Wars-only clothing line started by Clone Wars actress, Ashley Eckstein – is adding Star Trek to their label.

Earlier this week we reported Her Universe was expanding to add Doctor Who apparel and today we learned the female-friendly, geeky clothing line is adding new Star Trek apparel starting July 11th. And as excited as I was about the addition of Who stuff, I’m super-excited for their Trek line. What can I say, I was raised on Trek long before I saw my first episode of Doctor Who.

Above is a tee inspired by Lt. Uhura’s classic red outfit, and while I love the design I try to make it a policy to avoid red shirts. I’ll be sure to grab one when they come out with a science blue or command gold design.

This t-shirt features The Next Generation’s opening speech emblazoned on the Enterprise. There’s no better way to celebrate TNG‘s 25th anniversary.

All right, all you Wesley Crusher fans, this one’s for you,

Looking for a cool polo with just a touch of Star Trek class? Then this shirt’s for you. Having Spock’s LLAP (Live Long and – do I need to spell it out?) instead of some silly alligator will earn +15 awesome nerd points,

And lastly, what’s easily my favorite tee of the bunch, I GROK SPOCK,

All these Star Trek tees – and the Doctor Who ones, too – are available on July 11th. Jump to Her Universe to order. Which ones will you be sure to get for yourself? And fellas, these would make great gifts for that geeky girl in your life. Hint. Hint.

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Ashley Eckstein‘s geek and girl friendly clothing line, Her Universe, has been a huge hit. Being a girl whose favorite attire is a good, nerdy tee I can tell you what a hassle it can be tracking down t-shirts that fit right. Often the really great geek t-shirts are only available in men’s, and rarely do they provide ample bosom room and a smaller waist to flatter your figure.

That’s where Eckstein got her inspiration, why can’t there be geeky tees made with a girl’s body in mind. Ta-Da! Her Universe was born, originally as a line of Star Wars apparel for the ladies it has since branched out to include Battlestar Galactica and is now introducing – wait for it – an official Doctor Who line!

The first wares become available July 11th, but take a look at what they’ll be offering. There’s even an official Doctor Who for Her Universe logo created just for them!

The t-shirt above is Amy’s speech that preceded almost every episode of the fifth season of Doctor Who, inside the Who logo. Here’s one in honor of Ms. Doctor herself, River Song,

One of Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS painting,

And, of course, that something blue you need,

I also really appreciate Her Universe changes things up and puts the design on a lower corner rather than right on the middle of the chest. I have a few t-shirts not designed for the busty among us and a design smack in the middle can be easily distorted by bewbz. All in all, they’ve got great stuff!

Check out Her Universe for more on the upcoming Doctor Who line as well as all other fabulous, geeky apparel they’ve got to offer.

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NerdBastards: “Has Project Runway jumped the pig?”

Miss Piggy: “The Frog certainly hasn’t lately . . .”

Guest judges are nothing new on reality contest shows, but maybe puppet judges are. Project Runway Allstars has decided to tap the talents of the Muppets own Fashionista, Miss Piggy for an episode on Puppet fashion.

This is probably the only way this NerdBastard would watch the show and the move is a shrewd tactic to gather a larger fan base. If the Muppets can fill theaters then surely they can add a couple hundred thousand new fans to the Project Runway franchise, at least for the night.

Will any of the contestants make a scene about the puppet aspect? Miss Piggy was only the make-believe Vogue Paris’ plus size editor for the last Muppet movie. Her dialogue fort he show will have to be improvised by Eric Jacobson, the hand and mouth behind Miss Piggy’s felt, but it’s not really any different from having a celebrity judge who is an actress or singer, not a fashion professional.

Considering what some of the real life types wear, Miss Piggy might be a little too main stream. You won’t see Miss Piggy in a meat dress . . . unless those cell phone pictures of Miss Piggy “Johanssoning” leak out.

The episode airs Thursday (Tonight) on Lifetime at 9/8C.

Green Lantern Faces the Fashion Police

Last year Tim Gunn sat down with Alan Pantozzi and discussed the fashion sense of some of the greatest superheroes of comicdom. Well their back with the addition of Jennifer Ewing (Attractive and knowledgeable eye candy in this NerdBastards opinion) to critique Green Lantern’s costumes from the first to the last. Part two is after the break.


Superhero Fashion – Up, Up, and OY-VAY!


I am the first person to climb to a roof top and shout out loud that I know nothing about fashion except what Tim Gun tells me So with as little cringing, muttering, and rolling eyes I’ll try to take a look at Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection, which he showed off last Tuesday at New York Fashion Week.

Let’s start with the guys.

Look at the guys pictured above and shout out the first word that comes to your mind.




If we said the same word or if you could interchange your word with mine . . . don’t worry . . . we probably only agree on fashion.

If you shouted out a word that means the opposite . . . your probably already wearing something similar with the collar popped up.


I started with the guys because, as with most things, throw a woman in the mix and my brain functions lock up, I stutter, drool (just a little) and generally act the Nerd. Seriously, you could put a burlap sack on any of those women and I would think it’s brilliant fashion as long as I can still see a little ankle.

These ladies look a little beaten up though don’t they? The models look like the regular “Could use a Sandwich” girls of the runway, but take a look at their beat-up knees and the bruises on their legs, did they fall down a lot or was Jeremy Scott whipping them with willow branches in the dressing room?

Am I off base?

Should I be wearing the fashion pictured above?

source: comicsalliance