Fast and Furious 6

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This year’s big football game thing is going on right now, and the adverts are rife with movie trailers this year.  But why bother with having to wait through all the kicking and throwing of balls when you can just check out the trailers all in one spot at your leisure?  We here at Nerd Bastards, in our dedication to making your life easier, have gathered them together and present them in one, easily-found location.  Check em out after the jump.


Justin Lin has wanted to direct a 5th installment to the Terminator franchise for a long time now, and after all the recent bad press it seems that the Fast Five director can finally get his wish and work  on his dream film with the original T-800 himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Justin has a very strong style to his films and after the let’s say ‘lukewarm’ success to Terminator Salvation another film that featured Schwarzenegger, I think it’s time for the Terminator to get the edge it so desperately needs.

Take a look at Lin’s quotes on all of this after the break.