Fat Man on Batman


Kevin Smith is a man who is loved (as well as demised) throughout geek culture. A screenwriter, director, actor, film fan and full time nerd. When Silent Bob speaks, people generally like to hear what he has to say. One of the many avenues in which to hear Smith speak his affinity for comic book and all they inspire, is his podcast Fat Man on Batman. In his most recent episode, Smith reviewed Captain America: Civil War and he had plenty to say about it with is co-host Marc Bernardin.

WARNING: the article itself is spoiler free, however if you want to watch the podcast (which is available below)… It is full to the brim with spoilers!



Now that we know that the still untitled Batman vs/and Superman Finest Justice League in the World (featuring Wonder Woman) sequel to Man of Steel has been bumped back nine months, it is a safe bet that we’re no closer – and probably farther away from – hearing any “official” details on the project beyond the endless stream of rumors and speculation. Luckily, we have something that (while technically both rumor and speculation) comes from our new Batman’s wife and man-friend. Yes, Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith gave a little bit of info on what Batman Ben Affleck will look like in the new bat-suit.  (more…)