7 Memorable Boobs From The PS1 Era

playstation-logoSeptember of 1995 was when we in the US got Sony’s first entrant to the video game console world. The Playstation brought us many great games and memories that still last to this day. It also brought us that 3D can work in games if done right. It also brought us polygons, and the polygons that are going to be talked about are polygon boobs. After 15 years, this list will have some of the memorable boobs from the great PS1 era along with the game those boobs are from. Now, lets take a step towards memory lane… (more…)


UPDATE: It seems that Team Teamwork has┬áreceived a Cease-and-Desisted and sadly the site is no more. However, this is the internet and I’m sure you guys may be able to find other ways to get these as I personally do love these mixes and should have been up much longer that it should of have.

Final Fantasy 7, one of the RPG’s that made an impact when it came out in the PS1 era and introduced us to what many would consider the greatest enemy ever, Sephiroth, who happened to be a momma’s boy. One thing about the game that I remember greatly was the soundtrack. It has memorable music and I could immediately remember any moment of the game if I heard a music piece from it. Well, Team Teamwork, who also brought us The Ocarina of Rhyme mix, has released their latest creation, Vinyl Fantasy 7. Sure you may think how dare they mix rap with this stuff, but after listening┬áto the tracks, I can easily say, I’m impressed. These are well done mixes and they deserve to get some exposure. So head on to their website and check out the tracks, and if you happen to like it, there is an option to download the album for what ever price you want. Now all I can think of is if Tifa would have this playing in her bar with Barret trying to break it down to the beat.

Link to Album: Team Teamwork’s Vinyl Fantasy 7

Source: Kotaku