Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk Reads His Latest Book “Fight Club 4 Kids”


Chuck Palahniuk has written some seriously twisted books over the years. I’ve read Fight Club, Choke, and Invisible Monsters. The thought of him writing a children’s book is simply… horrifying. I have to admit though that while horrifying it is also, at the same time undeniably intriguing. So when I saw this video of Palahniuk reading Fight Club 4 Kids I knew I’d be watching it as fast as I could click the mouse. This is some seriously twisted and wonderful humor. (more…)

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Dr. Teeth, Animal, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Janice and Zoot, the one and only Electric Mayhem -before Lips came in and ruined it with his trumpet. Douglas Holgate made this kick ass looking tour poster that looks to be pulled from our parents closets. This must have been an early in their career though since Zoot is nowhere to be seen, either that or this was during the first of his many drug-related offences. [The House Of Skullduggery]

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Think you can take a punch? Maybe you can, but then maybe you just think you can. The characters on today’s list have a proven track record of taking a beating and rising up to get beat on again and again. There will be blood, oh yes there will be blood. So read this list you little girly men and women, because you can’t take the punishment these characters take. Not and keep that wonderfully cheery Nerd Bastard disposition, but don’t worry, as the Black Knight is often quoted, “It’s only a flesh wound!”


So ya know how there are those rare movie trailers that end up giving away the whole damn movie?! Well the people over at College Humor took that notion one step further and actually ruined the ending of some classic films! They did so however in a hilarious way that makes you not want to kick their ass. They not just ruin but rather massacre the endings to Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, Star Wars, Reservoir Dogs and The Crying Game. Also, odds are you SHOULD have seen most if not all of these films by now anyway. Check out the video that will either give you a chuckle or beat the fuck out of the person next to you. ENJOY!

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Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club

Calvin and Hobbes Fightclub

What is the first rule of Fight Club? YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!

Fight Club was a movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton back in the 90’s, and was extremely popular. Over the years, many people have compared to main characters of David Fincher‘s movie to the characters in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.

YouTube user Gorilla Mask decided to take this a step further, and create a mash-up trailer using the audio from the Fight Club trailer with the art of the amazing comic strip.

Check out the very impressive mash-up video below.

Geriatric Fight Club

The first rule of Bingo is! Dont talk about Bingo!

Now the second rule of Bingo is, DONT TALK ABOUT BINGO!..

Whoever said old people have nothing more to contribute to society must watch this video. In it two old men recreate a classic scene from David Fincher’s Fight Club where Edward Norton’s character punches Brad Pitt’s character in the ear.


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Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 11.04.28 PM

Do you like any of Jane Austen’s novels, such as Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility? Do you like Fight Club, the book and/or the film? Have you ever wondered what would it be like if Fight Club was set and written by Jane Austen? Probably not , but that’s where this video comes in. The clip that does the “what-if” mash up of Jane Austen and Fight Club is done really well and is definitely worth checking out. Maybe I just like it because it has Hotei’s Battle without Honor or Humanity playing on the background of the clip but then again, I do like watching girls fight.

Source: Neatorama


With all the awesome toys being announced at NY Toy Fair (we’ll be putting together a best of list this weekend) 2010 is geared up to be one awesome year for action figure enthusists. Case in point. We’re finally getting action figures of Adult Swims The Venture Bros ( it’s about goddamn time). However, this is yet another year where toy companies have failed to announce some of nerd pop cultures most wanted toys. In recent years us nerds have been privileged to buy just about every character , in action figure form, from every nerd medium. Its been great but there are some no brainer toys that should have been made by now. A few months ago we compiled a list of the most wanted non-existing action figures. Sadly not one of these most wanted toys were announced at this years NY Toy Fair. We’ve decided to re-post this list as a request to the toy companies (you know who you are) to get on the ball and deliver these toys in 2011