Fight the Future


This time next week, we will have seen the first episode of the revived X-Files and will be eagerly, or not so eagerly, awaiting the second episode, which airs a week from tonight. We don’t know yet if these six episodes are the last X-Files we’ll never get, but even if they completely bomb, it still seems unlikely that this will be the last X-Files ever, and that includes both the small screen and the big screen. With the hype already high for The X-Files, creator Chris Carter is floating the idea that the show might go on… in a third franchise movie. But only if the budget’s big enough. (more…)


It’s now official, The X-Files is coming back to TVs everywhere this coming January. The topic of what shape an X-Files reboot might take came up during an edition of The /Filmcast earlier this year when David Chen noted a tweet from Escapist contributor Bob Chipman who said:

“Sketchy?” Mulder? On the surface you may think that Chipman was referring to Mulder’s occasionally discussed affinity for pornography, but no, he was referencing the ways the world’s changed since The X-Files 1990s heyday, and where we currently sit in the middle of the second decade of the 21st century. To be direct, what Chipman is referring to is the rise of “trutherism.” (more…)