Remember Batman: The Animated Series? Of course you do! Nearly a quarter of a century later it still kicks all kinds of ass and it casts a long shadow (of the bat) over every other attempt to make a Batman cartoon, and in some cases, a Batman film. In fact, until Christopher Nolan, a lot of people, including myself, thought that The Mask of the Phantasm was the best Batman movie. So what, right? Why all this talk about Batman: TAS? Well, for you toy collectors out there, there are some brand new TAS inspired figures coming. And for fans of funny videos, there’s a new commercial for the TAS figures featuring a pair of nerd icons. (more…)

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He’s been a soldier, gone overboard, fought a Thing, had a stint as Elvis, was a big trouble in little China, took a trip through a Stargate, has been Goldie Hawn’s BAE before BAE was (whatever the hell BAE is) cool, and was one half of Tango and Cash. It’s a miracle, yeah, that’s one too, the amount of memorable roles Kurt Russell has had in his long and storied career. When you think about Kurt Russell, however, there is only one character for which he will truly be famous.

Nothing gnaws on the heel of 80’s action nostalgia quite like Bob -Yes, his first name was Bob- Snake Plissken; the fictional character from the films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. Neither good or bad, he’s just an asshole who doesn’t give a f**k about your war… or your president.

And now he’s a 1/6h scale collectible figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Who, bless their breeches, were kind enough to send us a sample for review. We’re playing with Snake, and we’re going in.  (more…)


The ruthlessness of loan sharks is accepted as an unquestioned fact of criminal lore, just ask Brian Griffin, so it should be a foregone conclusion that if you “borrow” a couple of thousand dollars from a loan shark and you don’t pay it back, you’re going to be in some serious trouble. But an effort is appreciated right? I mean, the best you can hope for is maybe getting a broken leg and more time. Whatever you do though, don’t try to pay off your loan shark with Star Wars figures. The transitive economic value of Star Wars toys doesn’t extend to the criminal underworld, and in 2010, one poor soul found that out the hard way. (more…)

New York Toy Fair 2012 has come and gone. While we thought we featured everything in our NYTF: Toy, Toys and Oh Yeah, More Toys  post, news is still coming out of the “Big Apple”.  Hasbro has announced it’s line figurines, collectible items and game pieces for their upcoming Star Wars line. They presented a plethora of plastic fun things, which are representative of the original trilogy, prequel trilogy and the expanded universe. In other words, more Star Wars shit we can’t help but buy. As much as I hate putting more money in George Lucas’ pocket, I must own that Darth Star display with all the wee little figures (above).

Check out the full gallery of images (with shots supplied by Pietro Filipponi) and descriptions after the jump.

Hey, it’s Star Wars. “Shut up and take my money”, right?


If there is a successful superhero product then there will be toys for it. DC Direct will be releasing a new line of figures from Rocksteady’s big hit from last year, Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you didn’t know, Arkham Asylum is pretty much the first superhero game that didn’t suck and was just kick ass the whole time and it helped the characters were voiced by their 90’s animated series counterpart. Anyways, seems like we’ll be getting a line of figures from this awesome game and some of the character models could end up being awesome figures (will have pictures of characters from the game after the jump). Not much details available now but Toyfare’s June Issue will have more info on it. Only question I have is that why now? Isn’t it kind of too late to release these now. I know they just released the Game of the Year edition but still, oh wells, either ways, certain nerds will get their fill and satisfaction if a Harley and Ivy figure does come out. (more…)

Awesome Terminator 2 Figures


Have you seen this toy? Where is Sarah Connor? Yeah, those are just two of the quotes my boss and I say at work in order to survive through the day. NECA just revealed their new Cult Classics: Terminator 2 Series 3 figure and bah gawd they are just screaming with Arnold’s voice. The series features two characters, the T-800 and what I can’t believe that it took them this long, the first ever T-1000 figure in their toy line. There will be two versions of the T-800 and the T-1000, basically normal version and the battle damage version, just like the T-800 pictured above. I’m really digging the T-1000 Pescadero, the battle damage one, as it comes with two heads (heh, head). Check after the break for images of the other figures or else I hope you have enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it through your stomach and break your goddamn spine! (I know, wrong movie but still good ol’ Arnold). (more…)