*** Caution: Spoilers for the Finale of Hannibal Season Two Ahead… ***

For all those who tuned into the climax to Bryan Fuller’s homoerotic romance between Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal Lecter (a/k/a Mizumono, the Season Two finale) what was left in the final moments of the episode were merely broken, bloody bodies. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) was tossed out a window. Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) was stabbed in the neck and locked in Lecter’s stainless steel wine cellar. Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl) was revealed to be alive and presented as an offering to Will before Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) slit her throat. And finally, as he was in Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, Graham was gutted and left for dead as Hannibal exited in the rain and boarded a plane with his coy therapist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson). It was an operatic set piece worthy of Brian De Palma (and certainly reminiscent of the finale of Raising Cain), delivering geysers of blood and numerous unanswered questions as the credits rolled.

Now, Bryan Fuller is weighing in on what fans should expect come the beginning of Season Three. But don’t expect him to tell you who lives and who dies…because that would just be rude. And we all know what Hannibal does to the rude.  (more…)


If you’re like me, you jumped ship on Dexter long ago (I bailed after the season with John Lithgow proved literally nothing could save the dramatically flailing beast). But if you stuck with Showtime’s long-running serial killer serieto the bitter end, you were more-than-likely disappointed with the conclusion. Much like Lost (whose closing moments have become a thing “we do not speak of”), it’s almost universally accepted that the Dexter finale stunk up the joint, refusing to bring fans any sort of enjoyable closure. Now the blood-spatter expert himself, Michael C. Hall, has weighed in on the series closer and addresses rumors of a possible Dexter spin-off.


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Well folks, the final episode of Dexter has come and gone, and with it has gone many people’s faith.  As it turns out, the last few minutes of the episode were somewhat controversial as far as fans were concerned.  Some people shrugged it off and others went into full-blown rage mode.  If you haven’t seen the ending yet, I suggest you navigate away right now, for that’s what I’m going to be talking about.  Or rather what the Dexter showrunner and former showrunner will be talking about.  Check out what they had to say about Dexter’s final moments after the jump.



We’re in the last week of Doctor Who‘s seventh season. Only one more episode to go, an episode promising epic revelations with massive consequences for The Doctor’s future, and likely, his past. The kind of episode companies and creators take great care not to spoil or have accidentally leak. Except, this is exactly what’s happened as BBC Worldwide has confirmed some fans who pre-ordered the Series 7 Part 2 DVD/Blu-ray have received their copies early. As in early enough they’ve already seen next week’s finale, “The Name of The Doctor.”

How this happened isn’t exactly clear, but what matters is that now, about 4 days before the finale will air anywhere else, there’s a select group of people who’ve seen the episode. And, unavoidably, there are assholes out there who will do their best to spoil and ruin what could be one of the series’ biggest episodes. Like the d-bag who hacked the Doctor Who Wikipedia page, deleted all its content, and uploaded a list of spoilers from the episode. The page has since been fixed, but I feel sorry for those who seeking a little info on Doctor Who ended up with far more than they wanted.

This of course means you’ll need to take great care while browsing the web this week. Major Doctor Who spoilers will continue cropping up, especially with the orders from Amazon UK expected to arrive on Friday and the inevitable pirated copies already making their rounds. Since the BBC are well aware of this giant slip up they’re dong their best to keep things hush-hush with promises of rewards if spoilers are kept off the net. I know, an impossible task, but here’s what we get if those who’ve seen the episode keep their mouths shut,

Some US DVDs of this series have gone out early. The #DoctorWho team would be hugely grateful if fans helped keep spoilers off the net. Steven Moffat has promised if fans help keep the finale’s secrets, we’ll release a special video featuring Matt & David right after the ep!

The bribe’s a nice try, but I don’t know how well it’ll work. Obviously spoilers have already been making their way online. Below the cut we’ve got two quick reviews of the episode from those lucky bastards who’ve seen it. They contain no specific spoilers but rather discuss the episode in a general manner, but I still wouldn’t recommend reading if you’d like to remain completely unspoilt. There’s also a few officially released episodes stills and the invariable speculation that comes with them. Hit the jump, if you dare.


Cartoon Network has been hyping the return of Darth Maul like crazy. He finally appeared in last week’s episode, and wha d’ya know, he’s crazy! Yup, while in isolation for years after somehow surviving his bisection at the end of Episode I, Maul has gone absolutely bonkers. When he was found by his brother, Savage Opress, the Sith was but a shell of his former self. And arachnid, for some reason, as he was sporting a spider-like lower half. Needless to say, it wasn’t what fans had imagined for the mighty Maul’s return.

Well, if you’re looking to see a Darth Maul returned to his former glory then you must tune in this week for the season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It’s all been leading to this, Darth Maul versus Obi-Wan, ROUND 2!

Check out an exclusive, and regrettably un-embeddable, clip at Entertainment Weekly.

Have you got chills? I sure do, this fight looks intense! And this is the Maul I was expecting, less deranged spider and more rage-filled ass-kicker. Who you got in this showdown? Maul or Obi-Wan? EW is actually holding a poll right now if you want to vote. But please, sound off in the comments with your pick.

Me? I really, really, really want to root for Maul because the guy’s got everything stacked against him. He’s supposed to be dead, he’s got no legs and he’s mad as hell, in more ways than one. But, I’m a lifelong Kenobi fangirl, and I’ve got to give it the Jedi. Besides, we know Obi-Wan will be in the later flicks, meaning if somebody’s gonna die here, it’s Maul. Again.

Maybe this time he’ll only lose his arms. Then he can come back again and tell us all how it’s only a flesh wound.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs this Friday at 8pm on Cartoon Network. And stay tuned, Nerd Bastards will be featuring an interview with the voice of Darth Maul, Sam Witwer very soon!

Source: Comic Book Movie

I think we can safely say we all saw the big surprise at the end of the latest episode of The Walking Dead coming from miles away. We’d been waiting for it since the series began and it had been spoiled multiple times online from multiple sources. So, were you shocked? Were you able to not be spoiled ahead of time?

Even if you knew what was coming, what did you think of it? Sound off in the comments. But I’ll warn you, if you want to remain pure and unspoiled about the finale make sure you jump directly to bottom of the page. Below the cut we’re gonna be dropping more rumors about what’s still to come from The Walking Dead‘s finale. Proceed with caution.


I must admit, when I was researching this article I was hesitant to spoil myself. And I’m really not a girl afraid of spoilers. But I’m so pumped for this week’s Doctor Who finale I was a little worried learning who will be joining River Song (Alex Kingston) at the alter would ruin it for me. Thankfully, I can say it hasn’t. In fact, like most revelations in Doctor Who, I only have more questions and am now more excited for this weekend’s episode!

That being said, the same spoiler warnings apply. If you don’t want to who River Song is marrying this weekend in “The Wedding of River Song”, STOP READING.

All right, can’t say I didn’t warn ya. (more…)

Looking for More Doctor in Your ‘Doctor Who’?

This first half of the sixth season of Doctor Who is drawing to a close. Only two more episodes to go with the two-part conlsusion ‘The Almost People‘ airing June 4th on BBC America and the mid-season cliffhanger, ‘A Good Man Goes To War‘ the weekend after that. (Unless you’re a Brit or a pirate American, then you’ve already seen ‘The Almost People.’) With months in between the two halves of this season (second half returns in September) what are fans to do to stay busy? Speculate and rumor-mongering!

And it seems we’re starting early because today we’ve got two Doctor Who spoilery rumors. The first isn’t too shocking, but it has been confirmed by big man in the Tardis, Steven Moffat, himself,

[The Daleks] aren’t going to make an appearance for a while. We thought it was about time to give them a rest… There’s a problem with the Daleks. They are the most famous of the Doctor’s adversaries and the most frequent, which means they are the most reliably defeatable enemies in the universe.

Good point, and while I love the Daleks it’ll be nice to not see the, for a bit. They were heavily used in the Russel T. Davies years, appearing in not one but two finales. I’m sure Moffat has an epic return planned for them, and for that I can’t wait.

This second little bit it too big to reveal here, so hit the jump. But I will say this, if one Doctor isn’t enough for you, well…