finding nemo


Finding Dory is certain to make a bunch of cash, while it’s been thirteen years since Finding Nemo raked in just under a billion dollars at the box office, parents will be flocking to theaters with their young ones in tow for the sequel. Throw in the popular day time host Ellen DeGeneres and this movie pretty much markets itself. There’s a new trailer out and you can check it out below. (more…)

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Above: A Green Lantern costume far more convincing than anything they CG’ed on Ryan Reynolds, Allyson Averell creates another fantastic bodypaint. Modeled by Samantha Star, photography by Joey D. (CBM)



On December 3rd, 1965 Andrew Stanton was born in Rockport, Massachusetts.  After college he joined Pixar Studios in 1990.  Since then, he has been a part of just about every awesome thing that has ever come out of Pixar. Let’s see…. what has this dude done for the nerd community…

Toy Story

A Bugs Life

Toy Story 2

Monsters Inc.

Finding Nemo

The Incredibles

Wall E

You get the point.  I’m pretty sure…yeah I love ever Pixar movie that has ever been made.  Not once have they ever let me down, not once!  In a world filled with jaded pissed off Americans(myself included) that is saying a lot.  There is very little art left in Hollywood and Pixar is of course a big part of it. Thank you Mr Stanton for giving us old nerd farts a reason to justify still acting like children!