A few months ago, we published a story about a theater professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, who was threatened with criminal charges to posting a Firefly quote on his office door.  The problem wasn’t the poster or even the quote, however; the problem was that people fuckin’ fail at reading comprehension and jump to conclusions before considering the evidence.

We now have some follow up information about this completely ridiculous situation. This information shall be presented in a video format!

In a nutshell: the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) took Professor Miller’s case with an interest in defending free speech… and because everybody who knows anything knows that Firefly is goddamn awesome. Neil Gaiman shows up as well! Check out the video to see exactly how the sci-fi nerd community raised to the occasion and got this shit sorted the fuck out. NERD POWER!

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Christopher Clancy, a 19 year old kid from Ireland, decided he was going to have some payback.  What did he do?  He set his high school on fire while dressed as The Joker.  (The Joker inspired by the Christopher Nolan film, not the Tim Burton ones.)  And why not?  Anarchy and Mayhem are two entirely appropriate ways of debuting your teen angst!  Oh.. they’re not?  Well then, uhh…bad Christopher Clancy!  Bad!

To start the fun, he had purchased 100 liters of gas from a nearby station, then cut his way through a wire fence around the school and to finish up with a blaze of glory, he set fire to the building and caused over a million dollars worth of damages.  All of this while dressed as The Joker.  He was 17 when it happened and is now 19, still planning on going to college.  Ah, youth!

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Sorry young wizards, but school has been canceled…

Last Friday, while shooting a battle scene for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a mock-up Hogwarts Castle made of timber, steel and plastic, caught on fire, which took out a large portion of the set. The fire took place at Leavesden Studios and firefighters from Watford put the blaze out in 40 minutes. However, the damage had been done at an estimate of 100,000 pounds. The battle scene, where Harry and an army of students try to defend Hogwarts from the evil wizard Voldemort, used pyrotechnics and explosions. No one was injured in the blaze but 100 film crew members were present. No main characters were present at the time.

Source: Cinematical