After the rough departure of director Edgar Wright from Marvel’s Ant-Man, many questions remain. How much of the crew will be replaced? Will all of the cast who signed onto the project remain in their respective roles? Do we even want to watch an Ant-Man movie, sans Edgar Wright?

But the biggest matzah ball still left hanging is: who is going to take over for Edgar Wright in the director’s chair? Well one name we can rule out is James Gunn, who helmed this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. Thus far, Gunn has been quite understanding and supportive of both sides during this divorce, but it doesn’t look like he’s ready to hop into the bed his friend has just been kicked out of. (more…)


It seems that comic book movie firings can make for great soap opera, as further sordid particulars regarding the divorce between Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios spill out into the open. While some have inexplicably been backing the corporation (just look at the comments on Latino Review’s initial breaking of this story and then the ones on my own reporting), the rest of us who care about our cinema not being completely homogenized have been wondering if this is a case of Marvel going too far in terms of creative meddling. A new story over at The Hollywood Reporter has some pretty damning insight, all but directly confirming that the comic book entertainment factory couldn’t care less about “vision”. (more…)