First Looks

(Special to Nerd Bastards contributor Veronique Medrano who, yet again, was called to rant and report on a matter no other bastard cared to acknowledge)

While other movies wait until after filming to build up hype, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter begins early with a feature article in The New York Times. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov and based on the novel by best-selling author Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter reinvents the history of one of the most well-known Presidents of the United States.  It all starts with the death of Young Lincoln’s grandfather and mother at the vampire’s hands. Once he learns of this, Lincoln vows to become a full-fledged vampire hunter, and “kill every last blood-sucker” in the country.

But for those who want more, The New York Times, sure gives everyone a taste of what’s to come June 2012 with some on-set photos revealing what Benjamin Walker is going to look like as the ax-wielding, vampire killing 16th President of the United States and a smidge more movie details. SPOILER ALERT: Let me make it clear. If you don’t want or don’t wish to know any of the following information “avert thine eyes”. If you still look at the following info like a curious kitten, and decide to blame me, I’ll roll my eyes and say “You don’t know how to read or follow directions!”



Obviously anything “Avatar” that isn’t by M. Night Shamalamadickhead is exciting enough, but how do you make  Avatar: The Last Airbender , a critically acclaimed animated series, better? Boobs and steampunk. Yep, those seem like the right catalysts that nerds will fall privy to.

Paramount, which owns Nickelodeon, first announced the series last summer, back when we thought the film was going to be something better than a racist, lethargic, pedantic, monotonous, pile of shit. Word and intrigue has since been mute. That was until The Wall Street Journal got their first good look at Korra, the heroine from The Last Airbender sequel series Legend of Korra.

Set 70 years in the future, The Legend of Korra follows a new Avatar named Korra whose attempts to master the final element, air, leads her to a brand new, steampunk influenced city. The WSJ also revealed the cast:

Janet Varney as KORRA
Kiernan Shipka as JINORA
Daniel Dae Kim as HIROSHI SATO
David Faustino as MAKO
Sheychelle Gabriel as ASAMI
Lance Hendrickson as LIEUTENANT
JK Simmons as TENZIN

Kick-Ass babe, steampunk, JK Simmons and Bud from Married With Children? I think I speak for every one when I say, “SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

The show is set to premiere on Nickelodon sometime in 2012. Are you as excited as I am?