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It’s hard to believe it has been 35 years since a blonde haired warrior in tight pants graced the silver screen and saved everyone of us from Ming The Merciless; all to the tune of Queen’s title track “FLASH!“. The 1980 movie Flash Gordon (based on the long running comic strip and old time serials) has always had a pop and sub culture fan base, but given three decades past, the cult film had started to fall into obscurity. That is, until Sam Jones donned those tights again and reminded us why he’s the “savior of the universe” appearing in Seth McFarlane’s Ted.

Since his uproarious (and damn near god like) appearance in Ted, Sam Jones is now in the spot light again. He’ll be appearing as himself again in this summers Ted 2, and he’s even been mentioned to reprise his Flash role (or make a cameo) in a proposed Flash Gordon reboot. Sam is also being featured in his own documentary called Life After Flash which will be hitting Kickstarter in June. You can check out the trailer below.



It’s been 35 years and thousands, if not millions, of Saturday afternoon reruns of 1980’s Flash Gordon movie…(FLASH! AHHHHHHH!) *Sorry, I have to say that every time I say, or write that title. It’s a nerd thing, I’m sure you understand. The Queen soundtrack is incredible and instantly recognizable. Word around the Internet is that there is some movement on a new Flash Gordon production. Better still, Flash himself, Sam Jones has some interesting news that hints the movie won’t be a reboot, but a sequel! (more…)

‘Flash Gordon’ Remake on the Way


Alex Raymond created the Flash Gordon character 80 years ago, launching a comic strip that ran — in one form or another – for almost 70 years until the early aughts. There were also three films made in the late 30s and early 40s and a handful of live action and animated television projects that have dotted the landscape for the last 60 years, but despite all of that history, I’m hung up on the campy 1980s live action film and so are you, and that’s why we’re likely going to hate the news that the Flash Gordon reboot now has a pair of shiny new writers (literally), bringing J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay aboard to put words in Ming the Merciless’ mouth.

Gordon’s alive? Unfortunately, yes.



Flash Gordon may be one of the the 20th century’s first science fiction icons and an inspiration for George Lucas when he created his own space opera, but most are familiar with the guy from that rather cheesy 1980 movie with a kick-ass soundtrack by Queen. (FLAAASH! AHAHHHH!) That Flash Gordon is a cult classic, but not necessarily the on screen adaptation the character deserved. Which is where Star Trek 3 writers, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay come in, as the two are rumored to be working on a script for a reboot. (more…)


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ABOVE: Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning -and he’s taking it out on everyone. Just one of many “Hulk smash everybody!” pieces from Darren Rawlings has the gamma powered beast taking his rage out on everyone he can get his hands on. Guess this is what happens when you’re “always angry”. [Lado Inverso]

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A.K.A. the curse of the 5th week. Ok, that’s a little harsh. Sometimes 5th weeks are awesome in the world of comics and packed with specials and events oh the fun, other times its just an excuse to dump out a few trades and poop out some filler.

The kings of filler this week are the folks at DC Comics. Nothing to speak of for their New 52 here, other than one Batman title and the second issue of LOSH secret origin that we’ll get to in the reviews. The rest of their releases are filled with video game tie-ins and trades (including Absolute Hush, a steal at $100 for a story that’s probably been washed out of cannon.) I did hover over the video game tie-books to be honest. inFamous, Uncharted, and the DCUO comic, I’ve played all the games, I have enjoyed all the games. Hell I even read the first few issues of the DCUO one since I still play that game, but… do I need to read it? Maybe it’s just that the DCUO book that turned me off the idea of reading about a game I could be playing. That book was (and I assume still is) terrible.

This fifth week is also the unofficial (or official, I don’t know, no one sent me any invitations to the party) anniversary of Marvel Comics, which they are celebrating with… VARIANT COVERS! Lots of them. Well, that is lame. I really hate the whole variant cover thing, really. Yes, they are often pretty, but also pretty useless and petty. It’s still that lame old 90’s trick to get me to shell out more money just because someone may or may not be wearing pants on the cover and that makes it rare. I will, however revisit a boyhood favorite title of theirs this week.

The rest of the companies? Looks like Dark Horse just publishes Bettie Page merch these days, IDW dole out new issues of two really great books, Start Trek and the insanely great TMNT. Oh, and Archie, yes the gang from Riversdale rock and roll all night and party every day with the rock band Kiss. Will I read that? Will anyone?

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1980_flash_gordon_002Ah, now this intrigues me. Thirty years ago, the best/worst campy superhero movie ever made hit theaters.


Oh, wait, wrong movie.

Flash Gordon.

And before we get any further, I am enlisting all of you into my army so that if someone uses “Flash Gordon” to refer to DC’s scarlet speedster, they get a cockpunch. It bugged me when I was 6 and it still bugs me now. Completely different characters; hell, completely different kinds of characters.

Now, that said, 1980’s Flash Gordon (also not to be confused with 1973’s Flesh Gordon, the best movie that features a penisaurus) was an eye-exploding cheesefest of massive proportion, complete with soundtrack by Queen, and Brian Farking Blessed as Prince Vultan.

Blastr points us to an interview with scifionline in which the film’s director, Mike Hodges, mentioned that there was actually going to be a sequel, but it never made its way to the screen.


Creative differences, the most dreaded of all creative maladies. He goes into specifics in the interview if you want the nitty gritty, but I just found it a bit amusing that:

a) Creative differences were the only reason
b) Someone would be satisfied by knowing this a mere 30 years after it might have been remotely topical.

Which is, presumably, why all the nerd news outlets are covering it. Because as we all know, nerds never let anything die. Not only are there probably people who are indeed relieved to finally have a reason, but I would be disappointed in nerddom if there weren’t.

I mean, shit, there’s probably someone out there who still harbors a grudge that they decided to make Superman‘s rocket in the first movie look like a crystalline testicle.

No, not me.

(via Blastr)