Flash Thompson


Although Disney is the home court for Marvel properties, there are certain exclusions to the game.  Fox has dibs on the X-men characters, thus the recent home run for the studio with Deadpool, and Sony still has partial ownership of Spider-man and characters associated with his comic.  It was assumed that the shared rights might kill any new movies in the Spider-man franchise, but it seems that may not be the case!  Sure, Sony killed the Amazing Spider-man 3 reboot that was planned with then web-slinger, Andrew Garfield, but they’ve announced a new untitled reboot set to appear in theaters sometime next year.  And with that under their belt, the powers that be have their eyes on another project, a certain villain turned anti-hero known as Venom.


It’s not unusual for comic books to explore the real life issues affecting everyday life. Iron Man Tony Stark became an alcoholic, Captain America became patriotically disenfranchised after Vietnam and Watergate, the Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy had a drug addiction, and an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man dealt poetically with the sorrow of 9/11, and that’s just to name a few. Following in this tradition, the latest version of Venom, Spider-Man’s friend Flash Thompson, is about shown in a very personal struggle that a lot of armed forces vets will be able to identify with, and Marvel Comics is working with the Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) to make it as real as possible. (more…)

Let’s just ignore the fact that we’ve been bombarded with clips from The Amazing Spider-Man over the past while and enjoy this new clip for what it’s worth because it’s pretty damn funny. We see Peter Parker teasing Flash Thompson in the gym with a basketball (is this gym class or just fucking around?) and taking full advantage of his newfound spiderlicious powers.

Although it’s good fun, I’m hoping that this scene will play a part in outlining the kind of character development Parker goes through in adjusting to his new responsibilities.

Check out the video below!  I can’t wait to catch this film in theaters on July 3.

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New Venom’s Identity Revealed!


The Spider-Man villain Venom has consistently been one of the most fan favorites since his introduction. That very fan love for the character caused him to be shoe-horned into the disaster that was Spider-Man 3, but despite that, the love for him continues.

Starting this year, there is a Venom in town, working for the government in very secretive and black-op scenario’s. But, along with a new job, Venom also has a new host, and it is someone Spidey readers know very, very well.

Beware, spoilers abound below the jump!