I’m going to take this opportunity to admit something that won’t make me popular amongst my fellow nerds: I actually kinda like Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Seriously. It’s hardly perfect, sure–but it’s a lot of fun, and in some ways superior to Temple Of Doom (at least the female lead isn’t a shrieking harpy who got the job by boning the director).

But even I readily admit that the famous “Nuked Fridge” scene is 50 pounds of bullshit in a 30 pound bag…..and guess who agrees with this?

Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. (more…)


The Dark Knight trilogy is simply the best three films of the entire Batman franchise, but fans of the Christopher Nolan epic hold the Dark Knight a bit closer to their cowls. It was arguably the most balanced of the trilogy and is still held in high regard five years after its release, although it does have faults that annoy even the purest Batman fan.

So the fellas over at Cinema Sins decided it was time to bring reality crashing down on us in a hilarious four-minute video pointing out every “sin” the Dark Knight committed. They even bring up points you may have missed after numerous viewings, some of which actually make sense. We would spoil the ending for you, but some people just want to watch the world burn.

Check out the clip below and see how many of your own theories you can pick out:

How well do you score? Or were you too busy saying “Really!” through all of this?

For those looking for a double dose of head scratching revelations, Cinema Sins has covered The Dark Knight Rises as well and we’re guessing Batman Begins is somewhere in the batcave.

Source: Blastr