Do you think Helvetica is sexy? Do you point out that Sabon has its merits, even though it’s a serif? Do you even know what I’m saying?

If you’re a designer of any type (Get it? TYPE! lolz) or work in marketing, you do. But you don’t have to play with font packs everyday to appreciate the images below. An Italian advertising agency created several “Star Warsillustrations using only typeography — no photos or drawrararings! As a bonus, there’s an ingredient list, so you can see exactly which fonts make up Yoda.



It’s not often that I try to force-feed design aesthetics to you distinguished readers, but I figured that since Batman is involved, you’ll forgive me this once for not posting about breasts or how Twilight sucks.

Remember the live-action “Batman” tv show of the 60s? Remember those fabulous “POW” and “ZOINKS” screen slides that popped up during the ass-kicking scenes of the Adam West campathon? World Famous Design Junkies, with the help of friends, has collected what seems to be all of them.

Being a design blog, WFDJ concentrates on the perfectly used white space and the simplicity of the two- and three-color cards, but we nerds can revel in the campy goodness of the straight-from-the-comics fonts and the memories of the orchestra’s sharp squeal that accompanied the slides.

Here’s a sampling of some of the batcards. Visit World Famous Design Junkies for the rest!