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Found Footage Horror: 6 Tips To Save The Sub-Genre


With the recent resurgence of The Blair Witch Project, the film which many refer to as the original Found Footage trend-setter back in 1999, the sub-genre is in the media spotlight again and is, as usual, under scrutiny. From late-night Skype chats with demonic interruptions and documentaries gone wrong, to home videos turned into snuff films and reality TV night-vision nightmares, Found Footage offers many different ways to scare us. Utilizing consumer technology, and often produced on a fraction of a normal film budget, the sub-genre has brought many talented filmmakers out of the woodwork, bringing creative new filmmaking techniques with them, and new and horrifying ways to terrify audiences. But as a trend that started as something so innovative and shocking, Found Footage’s reputation has arguably plummeted in recent years. A common complaint from horror fans today is that Found Footage has become too predictable and limited – and is just not that great any more. So what now?

Interestingly, numerous fans have attempted to write their own ‘guidelines’ designed to help future FF filmmakers avoid making the same mistakes that have consistently irritated viewers. Here our own 6 key tips for saving the sub-genre…