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We waited weeks. Waited for it to be declared the highest grossing R rated comicbook movie ever. We waited for Disney to release a furry fanfic bait movie to kick it out of the number one spot. We waited for ScotchBot to get is s#!t together and finally produce the damn thing. The wait it over. Our official 45 minute unofficial Deadpool episode is here! (more…)


20th Century Fox‘s “R” rated superhero movie Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds in the role he was put on Earth to play,has suffered a major Box Office setback after the censors of SAPPRFT, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China denied the film screening rights in China due to its violence, nudity and graphic language. (more…)

The Truth is Out There. The X-Files return to Fox TV January 2016

1993 was a good year for young, impressionable nerds: it gave us the high-octane hijinks of the Animaniacs, taught us how to judge a person by the content of their character with Bonkers and gave us a solid founding to pursue our dreams of one day getting abducted by actual space aliens with X-Files. The latter taught us some of the most important things about nerddom: how to pursue our dreams even when evidence points to the opposite, how to temper our expectations through scientific reasoning and lastly, how to plot out our very first, ultra-creepy slashfics.

Now, after decades of speculation, gigabytes’ worth of fanfiction, a meh kinda feature length film and the occasional bit of speculation, X-Files finally comes back to Television in a miniseries, starring nerd-favorite Fox Mulder (reprised by David Duchovny) and perpetual cynic Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson). But the good news doesn’t stop there, because Jimmy Kimmel added a little extra touch to the series promo, which aired on his Live Show.


‘Gambit’ Finally Set to Begin Filming


It appears as though fans of the X-Men character Gambit can finally have some solid expectations for a Gambit solo film. Again. Gambit is one of the more interesting members of the X-Men and many a fan favorite, with his Cajun heritage and past as a thief. After the success of the first X-Men movie in 2000 (which helped to usher in the modern age of superhero movies) many fans have been waiting for a great live action version of Remy LeBeau. Sixteen years, one terrible version, and coming up on nine movies later, fans are still waiting. After many stalled starts and cast and crew uncertainty, the movie is finally set to start filming with star Channing Tatum.



Thanks, Deadpool! Earlier today, 20th Century Fox released a video featuring everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. The video features Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool gear, sitting in front of a Christmas tree, sipping what is hopefully just eggnog. In the video, Deadpool lays out a plan to give us the Twelve Days of Deadpool. Every day, starting today, Deadpool promotional material will be released through a different source, leading up to a new trailer being released on Christmas Day. The first trailer was pretty great and there’s no reason to think the second one won’t be just as amazing. Today, the promotional material is a spicy new Deadpool poster released through Entertainment Weekly. Check it out below!



In 2006, Sylvester Stallone reinvigorated one of his signature characters by making Rocky Balboa, the sixth in a series of Rocky movies about the championship boxer from Philly. He followed that up in 2008 with a new movie about his other legendary character, Vietnam veteran John Rambo in the simply titled Rambo. With new found box office success for the Rocky-inspired Creed, in which Stallone is getting Oscar buzz for his reprise as Balboa, naturally, we have breaking news that’s Rambo related. Sources are saying that a new series focusing on Rambo and his never-before-heard-of son might soon be coming to Fox. (more…)


It’s no secret that Fox News is, well, not exactly the hippest network on your TV dial. It’s viewership tends to be older, whiter and angrier than the average, and with an unusually high tolerance for loud-talking blowhards that say contrarian things in order to be contrarian. That’s about the only reason one can think of when wondering why, in a recent segment from his show Your World, Neil Cavuto dedicated precious air time to talking about how over-rated Star Wars is. Under normal circumstances with Fox News we might agree to disagree, but since the Force is with us and clearly not Cavuto, let’s take a minute to take him down a peg. (more…)


Get ready to celebrate The X-Files like it’s 1995! There’s tremendous excitement over the short, six-episode revival of the show set to premiere on Fox in January, and there’s been no shortage of coverage on this site and others about all the ins and outs and expectations of those half-dozen episodes. Now there’s this: might this X-Files miniseries be a beachhead meant to launch something more ongoing? Like an all-new X-Files ongoing series starring two of the new characters being introduced in the Mulder and Scully-centric limited series? Seems like perfect synergy, but don’t but your money on a new X-Files dynasty just yet. (more…)