Frank Darabont Robert Kirkman


Unless you’ve been in a coma recently (rimshot), you’re likely aware that the first episode of AMC’s highly anticipated TV show, “The Walking Dead” leaked online earlier this week. The drama, based upon Robert Kirkman’s wildly popular comics about a small band of humans’ survival tactics against a nationwide zombie epidemic, was scheduled to debut this Sunday on Halloween. However, at this point, half the interwebz already has downloaded it. Us, included.


First Look at AMC’s Walking Dead


Production has started today in Atlantic for AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic. To kick off production and to wet the appetite of the already anticipated series, AMC has released a batch of  first look photos showing us “The Walkers” (Zombies. Like I needed to say it). In addtion to the gouhlish photos there is also a behind-the-scenes teaser for the series. Which features director of the 6-episode series Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) nerding out on what the series means to him and how it’s been his dream to do zombies. Err, direct a film or show about Zombies that is. Eh, perhaps he has some necrophiliac fetish we don’t know about? I digress.

Based off the acclaimed comic, The Walking Dead is about people coming together to survive. The story follows a Kentucky police officer, Rick Grimes, and his family along with a bunch of other survivors who work together in resistance of the world that’s been overrun with zombies.

What makes this series great is that it’s not about Zombies popping out of no where to give us a good scare. No, it’s a rich, smart, character driven story about what happens when a group of peope are forced to survive in a world ruled by the dead. It’s filled with great moments of suspense, psychological terror and gut wrenching loss.

Click after the jump for the first look of the Zombies of The Walking Dead. As well as the video teaser featuring Frank Darabont.