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The rich history of Superman places a burden on those who choose to sift through those 75 years of comics in search of identifying a finite batch of stories that define the character. Frankly, it is a fool’s errand that is guaranteed to rankle readers who have their own ideas about which Superman stories are must read, but that is part of the fun. So we have gone and done just that with an eye toward balance, historic significance, and good old fashioned quality.

Along the way, we hope that any missing tales don’t stand out like a beacon. With Superman’s 75 year history, an all inclusive list is difficult and impossible to narrow down to ten. What we hope to do is share these and maybe have you discover a few new tales or perspectives on the Last Son of Krypton that give new perspective on the hero.

Many call Superman a character that is often boring, over powered or impossible to relate to by those who haven’t looked deep enough into the character’s origins and his long journey from a scribble and a notion that fell out of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster‘s head. That is selling the story telling short. While the Man of Tomorrow is an orphaned alien from a distant world, he is a reflection of us, and has evolved with us for the last seven and a half decades.

The Superman “S” is the second most recognizable symbol in the world. He was the founding Father of the Superhero genre. A complex hero, an outcast, a Christ-like figure, a being comprised of unfathomable strength and virtue, a scared kid, a stoic old “man”, wounded, alone, a savior and someone who has been saved. Superman has been all of these things throughout his existence, and we hope that these stories demonstrate that, so without further ado, we present the Ten Superman Comics that Everyone Should Read. (more…)

COMICS REWIND: ‘All-Star Superman’

I don’t have the same inherent interest in Superman that I do in heroes like Batman or Iron Man or Wolverine. The idea of Superman doesn’t interest me. It’s when a great storyteller takes hold and turns him into something more than an all-powerful defender that I take notice. There are many, many great Superman stories from nearly 75 years of comic book storytelling, but if you asked me to pick one for the very top of the heap, I’d go with Grant Morrison’s exultant love letter to the Silver Age: All-Star Superman.


Review: All-Star Superman


Doomed Planet.

Desperate Scientists.

Last Hope.

Kindly Couple.

Finally got my hands on a copy of All-Star Superman and it’s magnificent!  Superman’s last adventure is truly an epic, thrilling tale, just like you’d hope it to be. I must admit I have not read Grant Morrison‘s and Frank Quitely‘s 12-issue series this film is based on. Blasphemy, I know. Don’t worry, that will be quickly remedied, but it does give me a chance to review this film from the outside, approaching this material for the first time.

Note, spoilers are contained in this review.

We’re all familiar with Superman. The Man of Steel, the Big Blue Boy Scout, the champion of Earth. All-Star Superman is the story of Superman. It encompasses so much of what is true to the character; selfless acts, incredible battles, the bumbling reporter who crushes on Lois Lane and finally, sacrifice. We begin the story with Superman saving the day, per usual, this time it’s the first manned mission to the Sun. As a side effect of the rescue Superman’s cells have been over-saturated with yellow solar radiation, this leaves him unbelievably strong (even for him) but it’s also killing him. The Man of Steel is facing death and he has a few important things he wants to do before he leaves.