Internet freak-outs are always fun to watch, but there are some where, even through all the laughing, you just have to say “What the fuck?” This is one of those times.

Everyone, at one-time, has had their parental unit(s) refuse to buy them that MUST HAVE thing. You would kick, scream and even bargain till your face turns blue. This kid however, turns it into an art form.

 It looks like this little trainer didn’t have enough badges to control the high level Mother Pokemon, so guess it’s back to the poke centre for this kid. It’s all good though, the cameraman has 2 god cards in his deck.

I feel the same way when people don’t buy me porn for my birthday, I feel his pain.

Via: Topless Robot

Nerd Freaks Out Over Changed Password

Not since that crazy ass little German kid have we seen a freak out this good. While this chubby bunny doesn’t tear his keyboard to shit, his constant screaming of “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK-AAH!” is pretty awesome. Someone get this kid a valium STAT. I have a feeling after watching this you’ll all be saying “FUCKING BLIIZAAARRRDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Okay, maybe not, but I will be. On a side note does anyone else want to slap the shit out of his roommate?

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