Bethesda, best known as developers of RPG franchise hits like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, created a very unique challenge to their audience. They promised to award free games (by their company) for life to any child born on the release date of their newest game, Skyrim. To prevent thousands of people getting free shit, they included a very special stipulation: the child must be named “Dovahkiin”, after the game’s protagonist.

Sure, winning free games is nice and all, but is it really worth it to make your child hate you for life? As you can see by the young hatch-ling (above) pinned by video games, some parents sure as hell did. Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer was born at 6:08 on 11/11/11, entitling him to a lifetime of free Bethesda games and a lifetime of school yard shame. The kid’s only a week old and he’s already getting embarrassed online by his parents. This is how criminal masterminds start people!

By the way…Skyrim is AWESOME. Here’s an illustration that sums up my week:

30 hours in, 8 red bulls, 6 bags off cool ranch Doritos and a little bit of my soul lost. I think I may need to call a support group.

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 Calling all fans of the Star Wars franchise, Jamie Benning has released a golden nugget of awesomeness with his long- awaited Star Wars Documentary. Of course this isn’t your run of the mill documentary with some interviews, and scattered clips of the film.  No, this is a blown out Star Wars Bonanza!

 The whole documentary is interspersed with extra footage, concept art, prop demonstrations, alternate takes and other material, edited into the flow of the movie. Plus, the best part about this documentary is that….it’s on Youtube for FREE! (above video is documentary)  Make sure to watch and show your support to this amazing contribution to geekdom.

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As of August 12th the price of the Nintendo 3DS in the United States will drop in price from it’s regular $249 to a more inexpensive $169. If you’re living outside the states fear not, other regions will be getting a similar price break in their respective currency. This new $169 might still be a little heavy for some, but a least it’s not the $249 to $299 you’ll be paying for a Playstation Vita.

What if you’re one of the 830,000 US gamers that have already shelled out the dry bones to play your handheld in 3D? Nintendo has you covered there offering gamers that have already logged into their eshop at least once (before the price cut) 10 free NES virtual console games September 1st, plus 10 more Game Boy Advance virtual console games — that Nintendo doesn’t plan on releasing to their public audience — before the end of the year. It look’s like a great deal…for us anyway.

The company’s investors are a bit worried though, with Nintendo planning on selling 16 million 3DS units in the financial year this is a plan that better work. If this doesn’t it has the pontental of becoming the second worse thing Nintendo has done- next to making those god awful R.O.B, fingers crossed Nintendo.

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