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If you know one thing about Jason Voorhees, it’s that you can shoot him, you can stab him, you can electrocute him, you can drown him, you can dump him in toxic waste, and you can send him to Hell, but ultimately, he just keeps coming back for more. Zombies are like that too. Death is not an impediment, but an advantage. Even in Hollywood. So while we’re reporting here today that Friday the 13th and World War Z 2 have been moved off the Paramount schedule, don’t expect them to be gone for long. Well, Friday the 13th anyway… (more…)


The last time Jason Voorhees terrified the poor simpletons that still go to Crystal Lake for whatever reason, the year was 2009, and the franchise was getting a slick modern reboot courtesy of the master horror franchise rebooters at Platinum Dunes. Seven years later though, it seems as though the Voorhees murder factory has stalled, and production on a new Friday the 13th has continually been pushed back, again and again. But is there progress now? Will the announcement that a serious and experienced director has been signed to the project get the blood flowing on the next Friday? Paramount Pictures is hoping so.  (more…)


The mega video game expo known as E3 doesn’t official kick off until tomorrow (June 14th) but on this, the eve of the industry’s biggest media event, comes a slew of advance gaming trailers and footage. Already, we’ve seen some exciting trailers for Halo Wars 2 and Titanfall 2, as well as seeing some intriguing developments from X-Box’s Project Scorpio. Coming off the already exciting day in gaming, comes some footage Gun Media‘s upcoming Friday the 13th video game. They just revealed five new minutes of gameplay footage and it looks promising, and a little boring , but mostly promising. (more…)

F13 pic

Friday the 13th,’ the horror series of films that has been a staple in the slasher flick genre for what will now be four decades, is only a little over six months from returning to the big screen. Fans have been patiently waiting since 2009’s reboot ‘Friday the 13th‘ for the next film in the franchise to be released, and after a number of obstacles and setbacks, it appears the movie is a go next January.

People have speculated as to what this new film will feature: newly found footage, a reboot, or a new project entirely? We do know that this latest version will feature a fresh origin story for the hockey mask-wearing Jason Voorhees. (more…)


Mortal Kombat has given us some very unique and interesting characters over the years. Aside from the DC Universe crossover, 2011’s “Mortal Kombat” game was the first time we saw some outside characters competing with the folks from the Netherrealm. “Mortal Kombat” gave us Jason Vorhees and the Predator, and a trailer for the upcoming DLC for “Mortal Kombat X” shows that this title will continue to follow suit. The trailer was leaked ahead of the official announcement at The Game Awards last night, but was confirmed at the show. A previous DLC pack already featured Freddy Kruger, but the upcoming pack will feature four characters: Bo Rai Cho, Tri-Borg, Leatherface, and the Xenomorph. (more…)

‘Friday The 13th’ Heads To CW


Every single day, someone in Hollywood has an idea that has thousands of people crying, “WHY GOD, WHY?!?”.  A good 75% of these often lamented decisions are ideas on how to give an old fan-favorite property a new twist or, really, how to milk that property for all that it’s worth.  Well, horror fans, get ready to beat your chests in protests and curse any deity that may have allowed this idea to rear its ugly head, because Friday the 13th is coming to television. (more…)


For fans of the new (and kind of great) Hannibal TV series, you have another mass murderer to look forward to sitting down with on a weekly basis. Only this one doesn’t prepare you meals. In fact — he can’t do a whole lot more than breathe on your ass before he stabs you in the face.

Friday the 13th is coming back to television! Only this time, it’s going to bring the iconic hockey mask along for the ride (from 1987 to 1990, there was a Canadian-American TV series that played more like a precursor to The X-Files and Supernatural, borrowing the famous franchise’s title solely for name recognition). Sean S. Cunningham, director of the original film (as well as producer of Wes Craven’s infamous Last House on the Left), is pooling his resources to try and replicate the recent success of Hannibal and Bates Motel, and as a horror fan I couldn’t be happier. The level of gore featured in both Lecter’s tale (as well The Walking Dead) all but ensures that we’ll get some quality gratuitous kills from the hulking mongoloid on a weekly basis.



If you’ll recall, in June it was announced that Warner Bros would be trading away the rights to both the next Friday the 13th flick, and the sequel to the South Park movie for a portion of Chris Nolan‘s upcoming Interstellar to Paramount. A condition of the deal was that Paramount must produce and release an F13 sequel within 5 years. Soon after it was announced that a new Friday the 13th–with a found-footage angle (ugh) was in development…and then what happened?

Jack squat, that’s what–until now.



Next time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy talk about feelings, but this time… break out the pitchforks because we’re talking about Joss Whedon‘s possibly fading magic touch. Also, we have feels about the Breaking Bad finale, the possibility of Daniel Day Lewis joining the Dark Side, and the popcorn and pleasure cottage industry that is rising in Italy. (more…)

Lets face it. Halloween is the nerd holiday. It is the nerd Christmas (unless you are really into action figures and friends and family buy them for you on Christmas, in which case Christmas might be your Christmas, Anyway…) As we all dress up as ghouls, zombies, superheroes, slutty fill-in-the-blank… You need the right music to set the night, right? We are proud to present to you a small gift, a collection of songs we feel you should include in your night of All Hallows’ Eve revelry.

For the record, this is not a list of the obvious. Micheal Jackson’s Thriller, the Monster Mash, Sheb Wooley’s immortal Flying Purple People Eater, you know these ones already. What follows is an attempt to add to the soundtrack of your Halloween night.

Ladies and Gentlemen. In no particular order. The official Nerd Bastards Halloween Mix Tape: