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Last May, I wrote about the coming of a new Latino-interest English language network to be called El Rey (have a look, in case you missed it). The new network is the brainchild of director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, The Faculty, Spy Kids, Machete, Sin City) and is owned by Spanish language television giant Univision.

I also mentioned that El Rey will kick off with a new TV series based on Rodriguez’s Mexican-flavored vampire film franchise: From Dusk ‘Til Dawn. Today, we bring you the show’s official trailer (click the word “more”…well, for more. Duh).  (more…)

When news hit the Internet that From Dusk Till Dawn was coming to television, many people wondered why, and would the series match the frolicking fun of the original, or follow the less-than-satisfying sequels. Why? Director Robert Rodriguez says:

If the film is the short story, this is the novel. There was so much that I wanted to explore in that movie that I didn’t get to. (more…)


It’s been a while since anyone has heard anything from Robert Rodriguez on the future of his cult hit From Dusk Till Dawn. The action/horror made for a great movie and in the eyes of Robert, also makes for great TV.  Now, nearly two decades after Seth and Richard Gecko entered a bar full of vampires, it looks like he’ll be getting his wish.

The Machete Kills director has signed on to write, produce, and direct a series based on his 1996 film starring Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney. In an announcement made by Production Weekly on Twitter, the series has been confirmed to begin production in mid-October.


This new series will be put together in a joint effort from Spanish-language network Univision and new English-language cable channel El Rey. This will be different from most of Robert’s usual work, seeing as the director has stuck to the big screen in recent years, but the man knows how to spin a few tales and make them work. The only issue is adapting the Dusk Till Dawn franchise to small screen and making it work for an audience that might never have even seen the movie.

Still it might be a bit much. The vampire genre has been a bit overplayed and over saturated, just look at what happened to True Blood and the whacked out seasons it’s had. With no cast announcements or even if the series will be based in the universe of the film, this series only has hype to go on. We’ll see how far that takes it once October comes around.

Source: Blastr


Spanish-language media giant Univision Communications Inc. today announced plans for a new network called El Rey created by renowned American director/producer Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures. The El Rey Network will be in English and geared towards a young-adult audience. The network is scheduled to launch in December 2013 and have nation-wide distribution with initial carriage via Comcast.

Rodriguez, best known for his work with Quentin Tarantino and as director of such films as Desperado, The Faculty, Spy Kids, Machete, and Sin City, also announced what will likely be the flagship series of the El Rey Network: A television series adaptation of his “South of the Border” vampire/bandito franchise From Dusk Till Dawn.

Randy Falco, Univision‘s president and CEO, spoke about working with Rodriguez, and the company’s vision for their new network:

We are pleased to partner with Robert, FactoryMade and the teams at El Rey Network to launch a new network to serve one of the most influential, rapidly growing audiences in America: young Hispanics. Today at our upfront, we spoke about Univision’s unparalleled brand connection and showcased our world-class content offerings across our multiplatform portfolio, as well as our firm commitment to providing Latinos with the best in-culture programming available.

Rodriguez responded with:

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Univision on this groundbreaking initiative to deliver high-quality original programming to our community and the wider, mainstream audiences. El Rey Network will serve as a launching pad to satisfy the tastes of young adults looking for exciting, cinematic, action-packed content. As a broadcast leader in media, Univision is the best partner to support us in achieving this vision.

According to Rodriguez – who will write, direct, and produce – the televised iteration of From Dusk Till Dawn will expand upon the characters and story line from the film trilogy, increasing the scope and centering more on the Aztec mythology aspects.

News regarding casting, production, and release dates is not yet available…but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this show, and bringing you updates as they become available.