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From Hell

Alan Moore’s Graphic Novels are long, intricate and complex works; lets just get that out in the open first of all. The question remains: How does one condense the complexity of a 600 page Graphic Novel and squash it into a two-hour film without having to compromise the source material? Well, quite frankly its a major directorial feat, and an almost impossible at that, just going from past film adaptations. That’s not to say the film adaptations aren’t great. Good or bad, it’s all to do with how emotionally attached one is to the source material. For example individuals’ who hadn’t read the source material for Watchmen, V For Vendetta or From Hell  might have loved some aspects of each of the movies, even though those who’ve read the source material might have a much different opinion on the adaptations. It just boils down to individual tastes really. There is probably one exception, which is the last film Sean Connery acted in before his retirement (…pretty unlucky to bow out to a universally loathed movie). We are, of course, talking about A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (more…)

Yeah, I know, another list this week. Sorry, but today was the day we moved house, and now I’m sitting on a sofa surrounded by unopened boxes of stuff (including my comics), and I’m exhausted and I’ve had a bit to drink. So in the spirit of being a bit lazy I’m doing a list again, but I hope it will be at least a somewhat helpful list. See, I have a great many friends who have no real interest in superheroes, but at least a curiosity about graphic storytelling. Therefore I find myself frequently passing on information to them about comics they should read that aren’t all about the capes and tights and supervillain monologues. And because of that (and because I had absolutely no time for research this week), I thought maybe you guys might be interested in what I consider to be good non-superhero comic book material. And no, I’m not going for the super-obvious suggestion that you read The Walking Dead. And no, this is not meant to be in any way a definitive list (again, no time for research). These are just some recommendations from me to you.



Though his brilliant superhero meditation Watchmen is what he’ll always and forever be most remembered for, From Hell may well be Alan Moore’s true magnum opus. This may be thanks in part to its mammoth size – hundreds and hundreds of pages of black and white comic canvassing every corner of Victorian London and encompassing everything from psychogeography to mysticism to ritual murder to Masonic tribunals. It’s among the most ambitious things ever done in comics, but what makes From Hell a masterpiece is something that goes deeper. With a mountain of research into the Jack the Ripper murders – some legitimate, some absolute hokum – at his back and a blank page of possibility in front of him, Moore composed something far beyond a speculative crime story. He wrote the future into existence, and even before his public declarations of wizardry, became the comic book world’s resident sorcerer.


Alan Moore Interview

Alan Moore

Alan Moore. Simply put, genius. After all, he did create some incredible works of art, i.e. comics. He is the mastermind/creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell, just to name a few. John Doran, who works for a British music newspaper dubbed The Stool Pigeon, had the opportunity to sit down with Moore and speak about the works that made him an international star in the comic industry as well as his choice to distance himself from the multitude of film adaptations. After the jump, you can read a few excerpts from the interview or catch it in its entirety here.

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