A few months ago, we published a story about a theater professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, who was threatened with criminal charges to posting a Firefly quote on his office door.  The problem wasn’t the poster or even the quote, however; the problem was that people fuckin’ fail at reading comprehension and jump to conclusions before considering the evidence.

We now have some follow up information about this completely ridiculous situation. This information shall be presented in a video format!

In a nutshell: the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) took Professor Miller’s case with an interest in defending free speech… and because everybody who knows anything knows that Firefly is goddamn awesome. Neil Gaiman shows up as well! Check out the video to see exactly how the sci-fi nerd community raised to the occasion and got this shit sorted the fuck out. NERD POWER!

Source: io9

Natalie Portman is fuckin’ pissed.  As you all know by now, Patty Jenkins is no longer directing Thor 2.  It had previously been reported that she decided to leave due to creative differences, but this may be a bag of goddamn lies.

Some unnamed sources have come forth and claimed that Jenkins was actually sacked by Marvel Studios without any warning.  The actual rationale for her being fired by the studios is unclear; there are a ton of contradictory statements across the sources.  What it really comes down to, though, is that she may have been given the boot without any justifiable reason.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Still, the source says the company felt she showed “a lack of overall clarity in her choices,” which led to concern that the process would be “difficult.”

The source speculates that Marvel executives might have been won over initially by Portman’s enthusiasm for Jenkins but then, “when they started to interview writers for the rewrite . . . may have decided they really weren’t comfortable.”

“Marvel had certain things they needed to achieve… There were constraints on what she could do creatively.”

And this is why Portman is fuckin’ pissed.  She campaigned to get Jenkins on the project and only agreed to sign on to Thor 2 because Jenkins would be directing, because she had been considering taking time off acting to be with her new baby boy.  Now that Jenkins is out of the picture, Portman is still locked in to shooting this film.  Apparently Portman wasn’t even made aware of Jenkins’ sacking directly; she found out via the Interwebz.  That’s pretty damn sad.

The news was out before anyone had told Portman, who had strongly urged Marvel to hire the director of 2003’s Monster… According to sources, Portman had begun to question whether she wanted to continue acting at all right now — possibly for several years — because she wants to spend time with her baby boy, who was born in June.

Portman was said to be re-engaged in Thor 2 because of Jenkins’ involvement and especially proud that she would have played a role in opening the door for a woman to direct such a film.

Reports describe her as “furious” and “deeply upset” by this course of events.  In an effort to placate Portman, the studio has offered to include her in discussions regarding the director that will take Jenkins’ place.  Somehow, I don’t think that’s enough.

This comment by Ashley Lynch on /Film’s article sums it all up very well:

She came up against the glass ceiling and bounced off it like a sparrow. Unless you have a significant amount of pull, you can’t talk shit about a situation without risk of retribution in the form of not being hired in the future. Burning bridges is always a bad career decision for a director. “Creative differences” is this town’s version of a non-denial denial.

Source: Bleeding Cool, /Film

It looks like a couple more Transformers films will be coming our way in the next few years.  Variety reports that Hasbro is thinking of getting Michael Bay on board to film a fourth and fifth flick simultaneously — primarily because that shit saves money and churns out more shit with which to make money.  It’s a bastardly cycle.  So, even though Bay has said in the past that he wants to move away from this franchise after completing the trilogy, it sounds like he might be reconsidering.  Shia LeBeouf is definitely out, though, so they’ve gotta find a new poster boy.  While no offer has been made as of yet, rumor has it that Jason Statham might be the next person to jump in that hot seat.

Ehren Kruger, who wrote the screenplay for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, apparently have some working ideas already.  Even though the majority of us would really rather not see another Bay Transformers flick, I’m sure we can all agree that NOBODY wants to see a Statham Transformers movie.  Really.

Yes, Dark Side of the Moon grossed over $1 billion and sales of Transformers toys have skyrocketed with each film release… but fuck off already.

Source: Variety

I’m sure we’re all at least somewhat aware of this stupidass drama going down between Michael Bay and Megan Fox; it’s only been going on for… oh, I don’t know, 26574 years. Basically, Fox was like, “Michael just wants to have crazy Nazi sex and he’s ruining my skin and blah blah blah it’s okay, I didn’t want to work on Transformers 3 anyway!” while Bay is all like, “K, bitch is fuckin’ crazy and I DIDN’T DO IT I’M A GOOD GUY I SWEAR.” And they both continue the public bitching while Shia LaBeouf thinks he has a say as well, though his allegiance appears to change with each interview.  Really, all that’s happening is that they’re all making themselves look bad.

So, whatever. Then Bay decides to pull Steven Spielberg into this whole mess, because apparently it’s not okay to just let this shit go already. In an interview with News.com.au, Bay lays the blame with Spielberg for Fox getting the boot. ‘Cause, y’know, you just don’t make Hitler or Jew jokes around Spielberg.

[Fox’s comparison of Bay to Hitler] angered Spielberg, who is executive producer of the Transformers series and deadly serious when it comes to Nazis. Bay revealed for the first time he was told to get rid of Fox.

“You know the Hitler thing. Steven (Spielberg) said, fire her right now,” he said ahead of the premiere of Transformers 3.

Like it really matters; the point is that we’ll have another piece of ass to stare at in a few weeks when the next Transformers movie hits the big screen. I mean, hey, if the Victoria’s Secret model taking Fox’s place has even half a brain, it’s already an upgrade. Take this from someone who’s actually met Fox and can vouch for the fact that there isn’t much going on up there, even though she’s super hot.

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