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The Greatest Fictional Sergeants

(Post by nerdbastards fan and #1 commenter Mark Poynter, a.k.a Mordrun)


If your looking around for other bastards, then you can’t overlook the quintessential bastard that is a Sergeant. Anyone who has served in the military had a Sergeant that they love or hate with equal passion. Grudging respect seems to be what one hears most when listening to stories about sergeants. So who are the best of the fictional Sergeants out there?

Read this article! Come on you Nerd Bastards, Do you want to live forever!?!


Full Metal Disney


Ever wonder what’d be like if Full Metal Jacket was re-enacted with spot on Donald Duck impersonation? Me neither. This video is absolutely hilarious, plus it has some spot on voice on acting, with whomever does it. Just wait for him to yell out “Queers and steers!!!! Which one are you?”

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