Fun Facts

Every time I turn around I keep finding things that make me like Nathan Fillion more.  From the Steam punk episode of Castle (pictured above) to today’s great Easter egg find of Han Solo in Carbonite on the Firefly set.  From what I read below there is rumor that every episode has a shot of frozen Han.  Things like this make my Nerdbastard senses tingle.  I’ll leave it to you to guess where.

I have this geeky list.  It’s one of those lists you make when your bored and just fooling around with “What If”.  “If I won the MEGA Millions Lotto, which celebrities would I pay an appearance fee to come hang out with me and my friends at a backyard BBQ.”  Nathan just shot up about four places.  Well, one of those spaces is updating the deaths of those listed, but it’s still a big move up the list.

Heart of Gold – look just above Mal’s left shoulder

From Amy Ratcliffe of the blog Geeks with Curves:

I’ve been spending more time than usual looking up obscure references for all the nooks and crannies of Serenity.  In one of my many prop searches in the very late (um, early) hours when my eyes were drooping, I thought I saw Han Solo and Firefly in the same sentence.  That’s actually not so uncommon since Captain Malcom Reynolds is like Solo in more than a few ways.  I blinked.  No, the website said Han Solo in Carbonite and Firefly in the same sentence.


As it turns out, a Han Solo in Carbonite was brought on set since Nathan Fillion is such a huge Star Wars fan.  The props team joked around and added it to sets whenever they could, it apparently became a running joke.  It didn’t get grabbed out of every scene before shooting though.