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New Brisk Commercial starring Darth Maul and Yoda

Darth Maul is looking to mix it up with Yoda, but just can’t seem to get his “force” together. He sounds more like Dr. Evil when he starts talking which is actually very funny. I may have to mentally insert lines for Darth Maul in Dr. Evil’s voice when I watch Episode One again. It might make the movie bearable.

Being a southern Gentleman, this NerdBastard frowns on any tea not home brewed and served sweet. So grab some drink or snack and watch these two bobble head looking Star Wars icons go at it.

There is also a new game app available:

FedEx – Your Newest Resource Against the Zombie Horde

Don’t worry citizens, even if the rest of the world falls before the Zombie apocalypse FedEx will keep delivering your packages. Although I enjoyed this little commercial I can’t help but wonder if the FedEx guy should not have been a zombie, his desire to deliver his package overriding his zombie hunger for human flesh. Oh well, it’s still a great little commercial.

It seems that the marketing world has finally caught up with the rest of us on the zombie trend. Will up and coming marketing executives now be trolling horror websites for new material for their ad campaign pitches?




Now this is the proper use of Superheros in advertising. “Nos Hace Poderosas” translates as “The Iron Palace.” Despite sounding like a torture chamber night club, it’s a department store in business since 1879 that got name from being the first building made of steel in Mexico City. Why can’t J.C.Penny or Macy’s run ads like this?

The tagline at the end translates to “Women have always known that a change of clothes makes us powerful.” What floor are the capes and spandex on? The women are portrayed as strong, sexy, and powerful. I just hope the store’s perfume sprayers are dressed up as heroes as well. 

Via: Comics Alliance



Duck Tape “Tron Inspired” Commercial Goes Light Speed

Duck Tape, the all purpose tool that can do anything. About the geekiest thing Duck tape has ever done is patch a CosPlay suit emergency at the convention. The commercial below might change your mind about that though. 

I love the celebrity(?) appearance though, it gave me quite the chuckle. Then I realized this must be a dream sequence, I just can’t bring myself to accept that Tron Guy could bag a hottie like that.

This great little video was made for the Duck Tape video contest by David Brasher. After reading his “About” on the contest website I decided to reprint it here.

I’m a USC School of Cinema-Television graduate. Upon completion of my degree, I worked a variety of “industry” jobs – Indie Film Projectionist, Office Manager for animation company Klasky Csupo, and Production Assistant for illustrious reality show Celebrity Fit Club.

However, after being attacked by “Screech” on the set of CFC, I had a moment of clarity – I decided to stop working on crappy productions and start making my own not-so-crappy productions.

I approach each commercial I create as a short film – filled with characters, humor, drama, and an overarching story.

“Attacked by Screech” that is awesome.