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6 Questionably Gay He-Man Characters

Ah, He-Man and The Masters of The Universe. A classic 80’s cartoon that’s success was equaled by its massive and popular toyline. Sadly, most people think of He-Man – and all that is associated with it –  as one big innuendo for homosexuality. Geeze, a main character that walks around in a pink shirt and purple pants who has a fabulous secret and happens to play with his sword a lot – honestly, I dunno where people get the idea that he’s gay. But I digress. This list really isn’t about He-man per say, it’s about 6 other characters of the He-manverse that are a little less subtle with their homo-erotic overtones.
Please note this is not gay bashing. We at Nerd Bastards fully support the gay community. We are just pointing out the unsubtle homosexual subtext of the characters….and totally makin’ fun of it.



As you know, the George Lucas of T.V., Joss Whedon is currently re-working the script of Marvel’s big screen adaptation of “The Avengers”, which he is also attached to direct. Whedon of course is known and well celebrated for his writing prowess. The guy has an acute sense of character and knows how to ensemble a cast. It’s with out question that from a character and story standpoint Whedon will deliver an Avengers movie appropriate for the fans.The debate on whether Whedon is a competent enough cinematic director rages on. Regardless, as most fans know, Whedon’s projects don’t always turn out as he plans. His work is always being muddled up by studios that think Whedon is too Whedony for Hollywood. Well, the gut busting bastards from Hijinks Ensue have a funny take on this very issue.  Will the prominent features of Joss Whedon’s vision/style fly with Marvel Studios or might the meeting of the minds going a little something like this?


source: slashfilm