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That’s right, I’m going “Mickey Roony” street kid selling papers on youse. Hey Mister, buy a NerdBastards T-Shirt here. You looks like a right nerdy bastard. Whadda you mean “Why should I buy a NerdBastards T-Shirt?” Why I oughta smack you one in the lip. Asking me something like that. Well, OK then, I’m gonna tell ya see, so listen close cause I ain’t gonna repeat myself.

  • It’s a high quality, Pre-Shrunk, 100% cotton T-Shirt, so it don’t feel like that cardboard box I sleep in, 10.2 ounce crewneck, Double needle cover seamed neck so you don’t feel strangled, like my friend Lefty in that alley over there would have made you feel if you didn’t buy a T-Shirt with a taped neck and shoulders, double needle sleeve and bottom for your comfortable fit.
  • The proceeds from every T-Shirt sold goes to, a community based charity grown and nurtured from the game culture and industry where donations of toys, games, books and cash go to sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world.
  • When you answer the door in your NerdBastards T-Shirt, unwanted solicitors and religious nuts know you ain’t buying at first glance.
  • Every time SplitReason sells a NerdBastards T-Shirt, Hitler gets kicked in the balls.
  • Everyone these days is calling themselves nerds, it’s the hip thing to do, but to be a NerdBastard takes a special brand of snarky wit and bravado. Be Proud! Wear your nerdiness out so everyone can see. Stick out that chest proudly men. Ladies, feel feel to just lean over a bit, yeah that’s nice.
  • NerdBastards T-Shirts can stop a bullet. If you wear 45 shirts at the same time.
  • GUYS – Your girlfriend will sleep in your NerdBastards T-Shirt if you leave it out in your bedroom . . . just the T-Shirt dude, that is HOT.
  • LADIES – If you buy your boyfriend a NerdBastards T-Shirt then you’ll have something cool that smells clean to sleep in when you spend the night.
  • NerdBastards T-Shirts are more absorbent than the ShamWow. This will help you sloppy drunks toward the end of your night of bar hopping and debauchery.
  • Buy a NerdBastards T-Shirt because you love and want to give us a warm fuzzy feeling, that doesn’t require a shot of penicillin.

Two NerdBastard T-Shirts are available, one with “Smoking Darth Vadar” and the NerdBastards logo and one of the just that beautiful logo all by itself. Go to and for an incredibly low price of $18.95 plus shipping, you too can ne a NerdBastard. All the details about the shirts are available on the site.  Don’t forget that ALL PROCEEDS on both NerdBastards T-Shirt designs go to the Childs Play Charity, a worthy and nerdy cause.


(Zach and Luke modeling their favorite tees from

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Nerdbastards is lucky to have Bustedtees sponsoring us for the next few weeks, not just because they’re donating prizes for the winners of the ‘Nerd Question of the Week’ but also because they’re an amazingly kickass company!

First off, they are owned by the same company that brings you CollegeHumor from whom we post hilarious videos almost daily.  Obviously they are awesome because they produce some of the most consistently hilarious shit found on the internet these days.

Second, the products they sell are stellar quality.  This is a direct quote taken from their site:

All BustedTees t-shirts and hoodies are screen printed with plastisol ink and discharge printing, which gives the shirts a soft, worn in feel. Many of our competitors use print-on-demand to produce their shirts, which gives them lower production costs and gives you an inferior product that may fade or peel after washing.

I have several t-shirts right now that are fading and peeling and considering I paid my hard-earned money for them, I consider it a personal affront!  I’m going to have to do the right thing and purchase future t-shirts from Bustedtees so I can wear them for a while.