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Rick and Morty Justin Roiland prank calls Joel Osteen megachurch

well, that is if you were expecting extreme awkwardness and… ok, it is really awkward.

So, without going to far into it, there is this thing called a MEGACHURCH and sadly it’s not a lame transformer, no it is a place run by a douche man named Joel Osteen that is currently under a flood of vinegar bad press for refusing to open his church to victims of Hurricane Harvey. So, the creator and star of TV’s Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, used his guest spot on the H3H3productions podcast to prank the churches prayer line (in a voice not dissimilar from the booze fueled vitriol filled Rick Sanchez from the aforementioned cartoon.)

The result? Pure unrefined gold, and awkwardness. (more…)


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If Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody was a Wookiee bounty hunter. Even though Star Wars and Harry Potter are totally unrelated, I’m oddly OK with this. You’re Wookiee Harry! [GAS]


Serenading Unicorn Rocks Sarah Silverman’s World

It looks like Sarah Silverman got tired of “Fraking Matt Damon” and moved on to greener pastures. While in those pastures it seems Sarah met, fell in love with, and moved in with a unicorn, not just any unicorn, but a magically, musically, talented, Serenading Unicorn. This is one of those crazy marketing ideas (from Juicy Fruit) that leaps out of the marketing box, grabs you by the ears, and plants a big, wet, sloppy, nerdy kiss right on the lips. Hell, I don’t even chew gum and I want to buy a pack of Juicy Fruit just to support this kind of marketing. So enjoy this first video of Sarah and Serenading Unicorn, then check out the others. There is one with Serenading Unicorn doing Gangsta that makes me cry.


You can tell that Sarah liked the concept and went with it. I expected more lines like, “You don’t touch my horn anymore,” or “You keep leaving glitter everywhere!” Over all the video just works. Click through the jump and check out the Gangsta video and tons more.