Fans can be weird sometimes.

While certainly not as disturbing as erotic 30 Rock fan fiction, it’s always kind of fascinating to see just how far the goofiest lovers of certain properties will take their adoration. Today, we get to see the strangest (and perhaps whitest) rap battle ever committed in the service of nerdom. Yes, it’s the rhyme-spitting, high noon showdown between two similarly dressed (yet rhythmically opposite) rappers no one saw coming: Superman and Dragon Ball’s Kakarrot. Who thought watching these two throw down like Rabbit and Poppa Doc would be a good idea? Who cares?


New Trailer… For Every Summer Movie Ever!

At Nerd Bastards were posting new trailers all the time, so we know first hand that a lot of movies looks the same when they’re edited down into 2-minute promo pieces. Oh, and don’t think that Funny or Die didn’t notice. Ergo, the following trailer for Every Summer Movie Ever. In 3-D!

Every 3D Movie is the Same – watch more funny videos

Of course not every movie in the clip is 3-D. Just sayin’.

Source: Cinema Blend

‘My Little Pony’ Does ‘Star Wars’

Perhaps we just won’t ask questions and enjoy the awesomeness of the melding of My Little Pony and Star Wars. It looks like it’s from the same people behind the Call of Duty My Little Pony, but don’t take me to court on that.

Now I don’t know My Little Pony from Your Little Pony, but if you don’t laugh at the messed up Greedo pony then I feel sorry for you. And George Lucas, if Pony Solo can fire first, why can’t Han? Think about it.

Click play on the video below for… Pony Wars!

Source: Geek Tyrant

Where’s The Rainbow Armor? The Gay Storm Trooper Love Story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… even storm troopers took it up the two-meter-wide exhaust port.

While Star Wars: Attack of the Clones showed us nerds that the troopers were all clones, Star Wars: A New Hope showed us the Galactic Empire had people who were conscripted from ruled planets. And just like their shitty aim, each trooper doesn’t always swing the Straight Way. In this Spanish video, Love Wars, we see the secret love between two faceless troopers breaking all of the emperor’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. It’s like fan fiction come to life for you pervy nerds.

For two guys that don’t even show their faces, you can almost sense the relationship tension between the two. I wonder who the wookie is?

Via: Blastr

Got A Burning Question? ASK HOGWARTS!

Representatives from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff get together and answer select topics as part of ‘Ask Hogwarts’, a YouTube muggle to Wizard Q&A.

In their first video they tell you how to impress a girl. They also explain what happens when you kiss with braces. The answers aren’t that helpful. If anyone used it for actual advice, that would be….unfortunate. Regardless, it’s funny and cute seeing these ladies playing off of house stereotypes.

Didn’t get enough? Don’t worry, the makers of this video are taking questions for more videos! Got an inquire of your own? Send to : not [dot] literally [dot] productions [at] gmail [dot] com.

Via: The Mary Sue

“You, Me and Optimus Prime”: A Bromance Made In Heaven

You know you have a real nerd-sized hard-on for a fictional character when you write a song for said character. Or you’re a really fuckin’ sad loner. Either way, Canadian singer-songwriter James Struthers definitely has some of that crazy shit going down. James’ newest video, “You, Me and Optimus Prime”, is the closest we may ever get to a bromance between human and autobot that won’t be filed in with the spank bank on your computer. (Or will it?)

Even if you’re not a fan of this kind of music, it’s well worth it to watch Optimus piss gasoline onto a fire. That’s right: Optimus Prime pissing on a fire and making it bigger. (By “it”, I mean the fire, you sick fucks!) If that’s the only reason you’d be interested in watching this video, so be it. Just fuckin’ watch it! And, y’know, if watching Struthers and Optimus Prime fuck around all day is something that gets you going… We aren’t judging. (Yes, we are.)

Via: Topless Robot

Batman: Bat-Voice Begins

It started with the interrogation, then Bats meets with the Riddler for the first time, now it’s the bat-voices secret origin. College Humor, you complete me.

Seriously, after Nolan wraps up his 3 Batman movies with the Dark Knight Rises, let’s give these guys a shot. Can’t be any worse than what  Joel Schumacher did.

Here we see exactly how Bruce found the voice of the Batman, spoiler, it’s NOT by gargling thumb tacks and scotch as I had previously assumed.

Bat-video after the bat-jump.


Crazy Taiwanese Avengers Trailer Time

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably run across videos that depict topical news stories with the magic of crappy Sims 2 CGI and nonsensical insanity.  This is the work of our planets finest news source, NMA Taiwan. You’ve seen their work here before with an inspired take on ‘The Dark Knight Rises.

Today, they give us a (maybe a little NSFW) trailer for ‘The Avengers’ – video after the jump, and if you are worried about spoilers, I think you might be safe.


Here is the deal. I was a lapsed comic book reader, as I am sure many of you still are. Sure I picked up the odd trade here and there, I would go into my local comic stores, pick up an issue or two. Kept myself up on what was going on. Couple years back, the addiction slowly retook itself. I now find myself back to waiting for each and every Wednesday to hop on down to the den of nerdery and dole out my misbegotten gains (cash money that is) on a stack of comics that a proceed to devour over the course of an afternoon and into the evening. Sure I have the ones I buy from month to month, but I am always on the look out for something new to add to the stack.

Welcome to “Attack of the New Comics Wednesday” – A brand spanky new feature here on, each Wednesday I’ll grab a few of this weeks books and share them with you, together we might find something wonderful an magical (… what the crap did I just type.) They are comics people, I enjoy them, you enjoy them, let’s enjoy them together (… that wasn’t much better).

So, to start us all off, this week I’ve grabbed a “New 52” number 2. Two odd ball comics that are fun little reads, and a big name number one that is a steaming pile of number 2.

Of course, there will be spoilers, so hit the jump and lets jump in:


Let’s not fool ourselves. These days network television is the furthest thing from educational and enriching. The endless stream of reality shows and mind numbing talent contests… But wait, there is a light and that lights name is Neil Patrick Harris. Last night on NPH’s “How I Met Your Mother”, his character (Barney Stinson) share irrefutable scientific fact with us. If you were born before May 25th, 1973 you hate Ewoks.

I challenge you to refute his findings.

The video (plus screen caps of the power point slides), after the jump: