In the seven seasons aired so far, Archer has seen a truly diverse range of adventures for the espionage gang reluctant known as The Figgis Agency. Spies, independent intelligence contractors and, for brief period that wasn’t really all that brief, drug lords, the team returned to what they’re best at: cleaning up after the mishaps of the World’s Most Dangerous Spy, Sterling Archer. The seventh season saw the gang take on job after job, with a mystery hanging over them all the while that came to climax in a deadly cliffhanger that will finally be resolved this spring. (more…)


Crude, callous and hilarious, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows the misadventures of five of the most selfish and horrible people you could ever imagine. They’re manipulative, they’re spiteful and their arrogance makes them oblivious to the detriment they have on the lives of pretty much everyone around them. Including each other. But for all their flaws, Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank and Sweet Dee are addictive to watch. Aired for most of its run time on FX, it is one of cable’s longest running shows and, even after eleven seasons, the sitcom still has fans eager for more of the antics that go down at Paddy’s pub in Philadelphia. (more…)