After months of uncertainty and years of neglect, it seems that the bell has tolled for the former nerd-destination channel G4 TV. The channel that gave us such giants in nerd-based programming like Attack the Show! and American Ninja Warrior, as well as jump starting the careers nerd celebrities like Olivia Munn and Chris Hardwick, has been in a death spiral for sometime as channel owner Comcast tried to do nothing to reverse the fortunes of G4 and ran out of ideas. So in lieu of actually trying to save it, they’ve decided to let it die mercifully, but even on its deathbed, G4 and its handlers are still a magnet for controversy. (more…)


It’s the end of a nerdy era over at G4 TV. Today the network announced the cancellation of two of it’s longest running shows, Attack of the Show and X-Play.There’s not been any official word on what will replace the shows and it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

G4 posted the announcement on it’s web page:

G4’s two longest-running and defining series, Attack of the Show! and X-Play, will be ending their run at the end of 2012. Both shows will include original episodes through the end of the year, and will look back at  their most memorable moments as we lead up to their final episodes. A rotating lineup of guest co-hosts including John Barrowman, Michael Ian Black, Josh Myers, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel and Horatio Sanz will join AOTS hosts Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood, and X-Play hosts Morgan Webb and Blair Herter as part of the farewell shows.

With well over a thousand episodes each, Attack of the Show! and X-Play have defined gamer culture for a generation, serving as the launch pad for prominent personalities including Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Chris Hardwick and Adam Sessler. Attack of the Show! debuted March 28, 2005 and from the start was the ultimate guide to everything cool and new in the world of technology, web culture, gaming and pop culture. X-Play made its debut almost two years  earlier, on April 28, 2003 (on G4’s previous incarnation: TechTV), and immediately became the go-to destination for young men seeking the latest video game news, honest reviews, hands-on demos and exclusive video game trailers and footage. The year-end celebration will take you back through highlights of these landmark shows’ history, including its exclusive live-from-the-floor coverage of San Diego Comic-Con and E3.

Both long-running shows helped define, as well as expand, the pop culture and gaming TV experience for a generation. We hope you’ve had as much fun watching them as we have had making them, and sincerely hope you join us in bidding a fond farewell to Attack of the Show and X-Play’s as we look back over the next two months and head towards each series’ finale.

Now the question remains as to what will replace these shows. I only ever really watched the channel, on purpose that is, for Attack of the Show‘s coverage of Comic Con. Looking over what is left at G4 one can only wonder if there are replacement shows in the works or retools of the two canceled shows coming with a complete wipe of the existing programs.

What do I think will happen? Sadly, I think that G4 is going to go “Reality” shows, old movies, and repeats of old television shows.

What’s your take on this announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Should We Care that ‘G4’ May be Dying?

Variety is reporting that NBC Universal has plans to re-brand nerd-centric video game and pop culture channel G4 with an eye on an aged up, more affluent demographic in the vein of GQ. No word yet on what programming will be eschewed in favor of nightly shows on cardigan maintenance and a televised adaptation of The Robb Report, but G4 originals like X-Play and Campus PD don’t seem like they would fit in with the regatta, bad jazz, and polo crowd, but who am I to limit the breadth of their cultural interests?

There are questions about Attack of the Show as well — will it live or will it perish — but I don’t know if it matters. Hear me out, I’m a faithful watcher but who can say that there isn’t better coverage of our world on the net? Hell, even on TV Spike kicked the ever-loving crap out of G4 with both their E3 and San Diego Comic Con coverage. Oh sure, G4 has the stars and Sara Underwood, but when it comes to substance the network has been in decline, with X-Play and AOTS losing talent like Geoff Keighley, Adam Sessler, and Kevin Pereira — losses that have been replaced by little more than fluff.

Again, I’m happy that there has been a place such as G4 in the world, and I will miss it, but as we hear about it’s apparently inevitable end, I’m left grieving more for what was already lost and all the opportunities that they have missed. That network could have filled a schedule with original programs that reached out to nerd and geek culture and delivered entertaining and intelligent content 365 days a year. They could have challenged the norm and gone looking for news in places where few do or can because they lack the resources. G4 could have been a real nerd network and maybe that would have been successful or maybe they would have failed sooner — I don’t know, but I would have liked to see that G4 and it would have made for beautiful corpse.


There’s No Reason to Fear – Bustice & Power Girl are Here!

There’s been a lot of talk lately about women in comics, both as characters and as professionals in the comics industry. This NerdBastard has enjoyed the back and forth on the subject as well as watching DC Comics upper management squirm around uncomfortably under the microscope.

The good, geeky people over at G4 decided that parody was the best form to use to bring expossure to the subject and created Bustice. This obviously had nothing to do with ratings and capturing the all important 12 to 99 age category of men who like busty superheroines.

“We’re gonna need some towels in here to clean up.”

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One of the most talked about games at E3 is Batman: Arkham City. The oh-so-anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum won’t release until October 21st but it’s being played again and again by those lucky bastards at E3. G4 is you’re channel to keep up with what’s going on live at the convention and they talked to Warner Bros.’, Sefton Hill as well as showed off two lengthy demos of game play.

The first video shows quite a bit of game play as Catwoman. Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard you can play as the slinky feline, beating up thugs and stealing their diamonds. She’s a fully fleshed out character with her own moves and gadgets. Plus, you can crack her whip to disarm opponents or trip ’em up. Feisty. As you’ll be able to see in the video her story intertwines with Batman‘s.

Video GamesE3 2011

Besides the addition of the massive map of Gotham to tool around in they’ve also improved the detective mode (hooray no more blue screen!) and added additional moves. The next video shows off some awesome new take downs and the fighting mechanisms have been amped to allow Batman to take on 25 thugs at a time!

For the next clip, also featuring Batman confronting Harley Quinn click the jump.


Badass X-Men Anime Trailer

I love the X-Men in the comics. And I have for a long time (despite the misfires in certain movies that shall not be named) … *cough* X-Men Origins: Wolverine *cough*

You have to give it to Marvel comics, they are definitely expanding their brand – Comics, video games, board games, multiple movie franchises, and now anime.

The first teaser trailer for Madhouse Animation‘s X-Men anime TV can be found below, complete with  anime versions of Beast, Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Professor X.

The show debuts  in Japan on April 1 and will air on G4 later this year.

This has the potential to be really good, so let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

New Teaser For The Iron Man Anime


With the Iron Man anime set to air next Friday in Japan, MADHOUSE (Death Note, Trigun) has released a new teaser commercial for the show. While it doesn’t explain what the story is, it does show Iron Man in action and doing some moves. The animation looks all right to me and I’m slightly interested to see how they will handle story. The anime series is set to run for 12 episodes and will air in America on G4 some time next year.

What do y’all think about the trailer? Any of you interested in an anime version of Iron Man or do you think this will be crappy? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

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Isaiah Mustafa, best known as the of Old Spice guy (or rather the guy all other guys should smell like) is rather interested in playing the role of Marvel‘s “Hero For Hire” Luke Cage, Power Man.

Last month on G4 he had this to say:

“I will say this…please, get this thing going. I want to be Luke Cage, OK ! I want to be Luke Cage! You have no idea, I mean really, yes. I made a dream board of it and put my face on the comic. I said I want to be Luke Cage one day.”

Since then his determination has been vigilant. To the extent that he has started a  Facebook campaign and hired some photographer/photoshop geeks turn him into the character to prove what a good choice he is for the role (pictured above).

Ok, I could see this guy as Luke Cage. He’s dreamy (what? Can’t a straight guy comment on another mans sexiness?), has the physique as well as great presence.

Can he act well enough to carry  a film ? Who knows. But he looks the part and has a fan following based entirely on a series of deodorant commercials.

Comic-Con 2010: Marvel Anime To Air On G4


So yeah, two years ago (yes two freaking years ago), Madhouse Studios (Trigun, Paranoia Agent) announced that in collaboration with Marvel Animation, that they will make an Iron Man and Wolverine anime (click on each name to view their trailers from last year). Here we are in 2010 and we finally get news that G4 will be the station that will air the anime. With Iron Man airing first, then Wolverine, we’ll eventually get an X-Men anime as well as a Blade anime.

The Iron Man anime will have Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, new Japanese characters, and an army of Iron Man Dio’s. The Wolverine anime obviously have Wolverine, Mariko Yashida, Omega Red, and Yukio. Both are set for a 2011 release and no news if G4 Canada will air the anime since they are a separate company with US’s G4.

So, any of ya’ll interested in an anime version of beloved Marvel characters or is this news one of the most terrible thing you have heard? My only complain is why air it on G4 since I pretty much stopped watching that channel within the last couple years (Yes, I miss TechTV). Tell us what ya think after the jump.

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Attack of The Show host and nerd eye candy Olivia Munn is luring fanboys to PETA’S “Boycott the Circus” campaign with her umm body. Expressing her solidarity with the mistreated circus elephants, by not wearing clothes.

Boycott the circus because Olivia Munn is naked? Why, what a marvelous idea. However, this may be one of those instances where the message gets lost in the pretty pretty naked picture of the sexy girl who is naked and pretty.

Olivia explains, “When you look at something like the circus and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and they’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball … it was just so sickening.” Please join Olivia in helping to stop cruelty under the big top and spread the word about this important issue to everyone you know!

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