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‘Locke and Key’ Coming to TV … Again


Fantasy comic book series Locke and Key has won many awards for its six year series. The dark fantasy comic books have brought great acclaim to both writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. Rights to television and film adaptions have been vied over and abandoned by a number of a companies since before the full series was finished. An audio book was released in 2012 and was just as highly praised as the original graphic novels, also winning a number of awards. In 2014, a film was even announced, though that had fallen through by late 2015. (more…)

IDW‘s Locke & Key is a wonderful series for any reader to dive headlong into, but its live action pilot left something to be desired. What’s that? You don’t remember a pilot? Us neither, but that hasn’t stopped Universal from eyeing the property for a feature film trilogy.

An ongoing series since 2008, Locke & Key is the brain child of writer Joe Hill and illustrator Gabriel Rodriguez . It deals with a different story arc every couple of issues. The first arc, Welcome to Lovecraft, was acquired by 20th Century Fox TV and produced by Dreamworks TV and K.O. Paper Products. Locke & Key was greenlit, filmed, and ready to air, but ended up being shopped around to other networks to no avail.

We’re not rewinding very far here, to be honest, but the material we’re covering is required reading, boys and girls. Locke & Key began its run in 2008 with “Welcome to Lovecraft,” the first in a planned six arc story (we’re nearing the end now). Like its contemporary The Walking Dead, it quickly earned a reputation as a horror comic with more to offer than creepy art and a few choice scares. Written by Joe Hill (You might know him as the author of the novels Heart Shaped Box and Horns and the story collection 20th Century Ghosts; you might not know him as Stephen King’s kid. And before you ask, the answer is no. He’s not getting published because of who his Dad is. This guy has serious game.), it’s a series that’s at once whimsical and fantastically dark, funny and compellingly tragic. It’s a family saga, a haunted house story, a monster-movie style romp, a blood-drenched boyhood adventure and a fairy tale all rolled into one impossible to resist comic book package. Enter “Welcome to Lovecraft,” and enter a world no other comic has ever presented.


The 2011 Eisner Awards Nominees Announced

This week Comic Con International announced the nominees for the 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. These awards celebrate the very best in comic books and graphic novels for the passed year and are selected by a “blue-ribbon” panel of judges. The Eisner Awards are considered the “Oscars” of the comic book industry and just like the Academy Awards it’s an honor just to be nominated. Or at least that’s what the losers say the day after awards are given. Named for famed cartoonist, Will Eisner (The Spirit) the Eisner Awards have been going strong since 1987.

This year the capes are in the minority for nominees which is surprising since super heroes are all the rage at the movies. Leading with five nominations is Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann, artist Janet Lee and published by Archaia. This fantasy book has garnered a lot of great praise and it’s definitely on my list of books I need to check out. It’s been nominated for Best Publication for Teens, Best Graphic Album, Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Publication Design. Two awesome comic book series are tied with four nominations each, Morning Glories by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma published by Image and Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez published by IDW. I picked up the first issue of Morning Glories on the recommendation of my local comic book purveyor and man am I glad I did! The gripping tale of a group of teenage geniuses sent to a prestigious academy where they’re encouraged to be the thinkers of tomorrow, whether they want to or not. And if they refuse, well, let’s just say the faculty has no issue with a little blood on their hands. Okay, a lot of blood. Morning Glories is fantastic and if you want to catch up now the first arc has been collected in trade. Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame is nominated the most of any creator with five nominations, including cover artist, and DC leads with 14 nominations, the most of any publisher. Granted, they’re nominations also include those of Vertigo and Wildstorm.

The whole list of nominees is below the cut and I really recommend you check them out. The Eisner Nominees is a great way to learn about comics you should be reading. Anything you’re particularly happy was nominated, anything you’re pissed wasn’t recognized? Sound off in the comments.