As we near the end of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows part 2 out in July, what is a person to do? They can re-read the books, re-watch the movies, or just write fanfiction all day but that could only work for so long. It was only a matter of time time someone took a recreational vehicle and gave it the Harry Potter treatment. This marriage of Muggle and Wizard must have J.K. Rowling calling her lawyers.

Half bike, half magic broom, the Nimbike 2000 is the latest in head scratching enjoyment. Steering with the broom while pedaling the bike and still trying to call yourself cool. Granted, the bike is awesome but trying to brake must be a bitch. Pulling back on the handle only to fall on your ass every single time must suck.

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Every time you watch the BBC series Doctor Who and he uses that sonic screwdriver don’t you wish you could have one of your own? Well, thanks to professor Bruce Drinkwater you may get your wish one day. The cleverly named professor of Ultrasonics is currently working with experiments to create an actual sonic screwdriver in real life. While it’s not a traveling blue police booth we all hope for it’s still just as awesome for fans of this classic sci-fi series.

A recent press release from the Bristol university released the following:

“The technology is already being trialled in modern manufacturing to fix parts together and ultrasonic force fields are being developed within the medical field to separate diseased cells from healthy cells. Professor Drinkwater and The Big Bang team are now exploring whether super powerful versions of these sound beams could bring Doctor Who’s iconic device to life. …

Engineers are looking into how ultrasonic waves can be spun at high speed to create a twisting force similar to that of a miniature tornado, which could undo screws remotely. They have also experimented with rotating ultrasonic force fields which would act like the head of a real screwdriver.”

Just think of the implications of having a sonic screwdriver of your very own one day. Never getting locked out of your car or house, never buying another lock for the gym, even sneaking to V.I.P. concerts without having to be a groupie. The only bad thing about this is how long would it be until people start getting arrested for sonic breaking and entering or being a sonic peeping tom. While this tech is only on it’s baby legs right now it has plenty of potential for success in the future. Now get started on that psychic paper, I want into comic-con by 2013 or at least the Adult Film Awards.

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Ever wondered if Batman carried a cell phone in his utility belt with him? The answer is yes and you can have one too, for the price of 150 dollars. Sure it looks like a piece from a halloween costume but this is an actual Batman belt you can wear. The Batman TDK Utility Pouch comes in three adjustable sizes and three adjustable belt buckles. With added piece of nerd flare like  adjustable pouches, chrome studs and a heavy-duty velcro closure. The pouches are large enough to carry your cell phone in or that batarang you made. Created from gold colored cowhide leather the belt looks comfortable to wear, if your brave enough to anyway.

This is the same company that created a Dark Knight Motorcycle suit If your a big enough fan of the Batman series and are will to spend the bones, it’s a sale. How long till the world sees a Robin utility belt though.

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First, the American military decided to copy Batman tech, now they’ve decided to go after another hero, from Marvel’s neck of the woods. The military has created its own “Iron Man” power suit, It just has one flaw. It’s not ready yet and they have actor Clark Gregg (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson) using the closest thing that can resemble Mr. Stark’s one man army.

The XOS 2 (where’s 1?), allows its user to lift upwards of 200 pounds, several hundred times without growing tired. This is due in part to it’s use of high-pressure hydraulics around the exoskeleton. The XOS 2 also allows the occupant to punch through three, yes three, inches of wood with the greatest of ease.

All this mighty “power” must have Thor shaking in his little boots. This isn’t the biggest improvement on the XOS 2 though, it can fit under your bed. Just kidding, it’s biggest improvement has been it’s upgrade to reducing it’s power consumption by 50% (they’re reaching for 80% reduction).

What does this mean for the future of military warfare? Will all soldier’s be able to fly into combat, with the power of a small nation around their body? Not just yet, it’s still gonna be five years before this appears in military theaters and that’s just the tethered version. The non-tethered exoskeleton would be three to five years after that. Take a look at this Iron Man in action for yourself.  As long as these suit are not powered by scotch, they’ll do just fine.

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It looks like Batman is now working with the American military. No, WayneTech hasn’t been working on its next conquest in military precision; this is all USA.
DARPA, the military’s R&D branch, has been working on its newest projects “BaTMAN and RoBIN,” and that’s not a spelling mistake. They are currently developing equipment they’ve called Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided kNowledge, otherwise BATMAN. Yes, the spelling is way off on this one, it’d be known as BATMAK, but I guess they don’t use spell checker over there in R&D. Either that or they really have a hard-on for naming their multimillion dollar toys after the Dark Knight. It doesn’t end with just the name on this one however:
The BATMAN equipment actually involves using its own Bat Hook. batman_grapplinghook
“BATMAN does come equipped with a Bat Hook: a grappling hook that special operators can throw onto power lines in order to charge up their battery-powered communications equipment. According to a program engineer, the Bat Hook came about after a special operator observed that it would be “really cool” to design “‘Something like what Batman has on his belt that he can take out and wing it up to a power line and get power,'”
“Really cool to design,” more like WayneTech better watch its ass! While all these other sites are putting up the prototype design below, nerdbastards was able to clip the fence, sneak into some buildings and sleep with a few sexy guards to get a hold of the real design of what the Air Force’s BATMAN is actually going to look like! Get a hold of this BATMAN after the jump.
Special thanks to WayneTech Senior Vice President Lucius Fox for letting us “borrow” the final design:


This is a shot from Star Wars Celebration V of the special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 that’s dropping in September. Finally, an arguable reason why the Droid might be better than the iPhone. The special version of the phone will feature exclusive Star Wars content (sounds, video clips, TESB wallpapers, original artwork, movie stills, widgets, special apps, and something called “Jedi training.”) and external hardware designed to look like everyone’s favorite astromech droid from the film saga. No price has been announced, but details will come forward as the date nears.

Fuck, I’m a loyal iPhone user and I want this. I want it NOW.


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So…which type of nerd are you? Find your Nerd Type and check out some fun facts about your future!

1. Collector Nerd: Pogs, Trader Cards, Action Figures, Comic Books, Stamps, Happy Meal toys — This type of nerd will likely become a serial killer.


2. Enginerd: Hamm Radio, Erector Set, Lincoln Logs, Legos, model kits — Please do not leave an enginerd in the sun for too long, as they have very little tolerance for natural light. Likeliest of all nerds to start a company in a garage and wind up rich. (more…)

We’ve all run across a few strange gadgets out there. Hi-tech, low tech, goofy, kitschy, sleek, useful, whatever…there are a ton of them. This list barely scratches the surface of what we’ve seen over the years…but these ones stand out. We’ve compiled this list of our favorites, which we now award “The Nerdies” — which one is your favorite?theBevy1. Handiest Gadget at the Party:  — Notable for its clever uses as an iPod shuffle case and earbud cord manager on a  keyring, this is already a crowd-pleaser. But what pushes this into the top of the crop for consideration in “The Nerdies” is the Hell-Yeah feature….the bottle opener! Who’s the coolest dork at the office party this year? The dork with The Bevy. That’s who.

heatupkneepads2. Fastest to Get You Beat-Up:  — We’re not sure where and when the need for heat-up knee pads originated. And we’re not sure why the stars aligned to allow this abomination to make it out of somebody’s daydream and onto the drawing board. But it did. And with your help, we can stomp-out this awful embarassment. If by some horrible trickery you come across these icky little USB Knee Warmers…please please, lets all agree to attack with full force. Thank you for your support. (more…)