Galaxy Quest. Tim Allen

GQ Cast

Tributes to the late, great Alan Rickman continue to appear from those that knew and worked with him. A most gracious one has just been given by Tim Allen to The Hollywood Reporter about their time together making Galaxy Quest together. As well as Allen painting Rickman once again as one of the nicest people in the business, he also seemed to let a particularly large cat out of a not so tight bag. (more…)


Galaxy Quest was arguably one of the best sci-fi flicks of the 90’s.  The movie was a funny, not-so-subtle parody of Star Trek, that spoke to both audiences and critics alike. In fact, included in the director commentary for the 2009 Star Trek reboot, J.J. Abrams called Galaxy Quest “one of the best Star Trek movies ever made”. The movie follows the cast of Galaxy Quest, a science fiction television series that was cancelled decades before, as they discover that much of what they portrayed on the show was made reality by a peaceful alien race who believe the episodes are documentaries. The crew soon find themselves traveling through space in real life and fighting for the survival of the race that depends on them.  Like the original Trek series, fans who loved the Galaxy Quest movie refuse to let it die, and it turns out they aren’t the only ones. (more…)