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The Holidays are meant to be a time of good cheer for everyone involved in these festive days before 2011. Unfortunately for young Bradley David-McCombs Jr., he tragically died in a car accident on Christmas morning when he lost control of his SUV and slammed into a pole. Now while condolences do go out to his family in their time of sadness what happened after was just as unforgivable.

During Bradley’s public wake at the local funeral home after his passing he had a Game Boy, Game Boy lite and several games placed inside his coffin. A sweet gesture from his friends and family, but an open target for 37 year-old Pennsylvanian, Jody Lynn Bennett. Having a girl’s name can be pretty bad but reaching inside this poor man’s coffin and pocketing his former possessions is just dastardly. Their throwing around the term “allegedly” stole, but when someone sees the stolen goods in your car you’ve been caught red handed.

Bradley’s uncle, Robert McCombs Jr., approached Bennett and asked him about the stolen items. Bennett of course said he didn’t have them, but then handed them over after Robert McCombs pointed out that he could see the stolen items inside Bennett’s car. After the Game Boy was returned, Bradley’s father, Bradley D. McCombs, noticed there was more missing items. He apparently called Bennett, but Bennett told him not to call again and hung up after the brief conversation.

Jody faces accounts of abuse of a corpse, desecration, disorderly conduct, harassment, institutional vandalism, receiving stolen property, theft, and theft or sale of venerated objects, all of which are misdemeanor offenses. So, you desecrate a man’s final resting place, steal things that his family knew meant something to him and all you get is misdemeanor charges. That’s just outright bullshit and this just shows there’s no such thing as a true justice system anymore. Jody already has a history of drinking and drug charges shouldn’t that count for anything to increase his charges.

At least let each member of this man’s family kick Bennett in his mushroom kingdom for worsening an already sad day. It was bad enough that this guy died on Christmas morning but you shouldn’t have to defend yourself from assholes trying to make a quick buck on your misfortune. Jerk of the year 2011 already has it’s first candidate, your mother must be proud.

Source: Geekosystem via Gawker

The Tetris Theme Song Gets Lyrics


This isn’t just the Tetris theme with lyrics clumsily thrown into the mix of the sweet tinkling bells that was the main song of the game. No. This is actually titled, AND is, “A Complete History Of The Soviet Union Through The Eyes Of A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris”. And with a band name like Pig With the Face of a Boy, it insures and nails down its absolution. So that song that got stuck in your head back in 1991 when you got your first GameBoy now has lyrics, so now learn the words, and get that shit stuck in your head! You’ll be extremely educated in the way of Soviet Union history.

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