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Wednesday is here and with the release of our 13th podcast episode comes the ever-popular question of the week! Question of the week is a question we ask you, our readers and listeners, and you answer it by either commenting to this post, or telling us your answer on facebook or twitter (@nerdbastards)! We choose the best answer on the Podcast and the winner will receive a prize if we have one available. (And this week we do, so ANSWER!)

Last week the question was: What fictional gaming world would be the best place to live in and why?

The answer was long and in depth and the winner calls himself Tiiji.  Congrats to him because he won the awesome prize God of War 3 for the PS3, donated to us as a prize from Jamie York from Game Underground, the best gaming store in New England, located in Framingham, Mass.  Thanks again, Jamie.

This week, the question is: Which Pop Culture Duck is the Best and Why?

The winner this week gets to choose a t-shirt of any design or size from, an AMAZING prize.  They sponsored our Podcast this week and for that, we heartily thank them.

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In this Episode:

Jaime York tells us all about E3 gaming expo, Toy Story 3 blew all of our minds away and melted faces, Jonah Hex is a total no go, Blue Beetle live action!?, Luke would like to sleuse Adrian Brodies hott abs in Preditors, Marvel and short films, Rock Band 3 will touch you in places you couldnt imagine, Avatar porno in 3d!!! and more more more…

So wish you were at the E3 expo, and watch Andy go away to college!…

Raw, dirty, gritty and nerdy we are the inglorious nerd bastards.

Nerd Question of the Week:

What is the best nerd pick up line?

The Winner is:

Jess:”Hello. I am female. My IQ is well within the 99th percentile. I have several gaming consoles and a large television. I have strong opinions about the Picard versus Kirk debate. I bring my own dice. I would like to show you my breasts.”

she wins a prize pack courtesy of think geek

music for this podcast is provided by:

Jesus Candy (intro)
Innes Wilson and his Opposition (get free tracks here)

Thank you to Game Underground for sponsoring the show and don’t forget about the music and gaming festival this weekend! Click to find out more!

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