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Nerd Bastardcast Ep 23 – Guest: Jon Christensen (/gamer … /film sister site), True Blood Finale, Resident Evil is awful, Gemma Arteron as Ripley? Zombieland 2! Bruce Campbell, Alan Moore the Jerk, Dark Tower TV series? and much more.

Raw, Dirty, Gritty and Nerdy. We are the Inglorious Nerd Bastards.

Sumo 1


Sumo Urban Lounge Gear…aka Sumo. Remember the name. You are going to want it.

Sometimes I sit back and think to myself, why the hell did I ever have my girlfriend buy me that Boom Chair? It sits in a corner of my room, upside down by the way, and has been it that position for a few months now. I hate that thing. Having to hook it up every time I want to play video games and always having the sound completely f*cked up. What a complete waste…



(article by Nerd Bastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Today marked the start of the much-anticipated nerdfest PAX East (a la Penny Arcade) in Boston and if you were there, you certainly left with a freebie or two. For those of you scratching your heads wondering what the hell is PAX East?! Here’s a quick run-through: PAX East is like a smaller E3, but intended for consumers rather than developers.

See, they get a bunch of video game hot shots to show off their hardware, software and um…in some cases hot chicks in tall boots. Then they invite the public to hang out and fall in love with all kinds of the latest, greatest gear and games on (or about to enter) the video game scene. Attendees can play games, attend panel sessions about all kinds of cool stuff, see live music and even compete in video game tournaments! Exciting, right? YES! Especially if you like shiny bags of SWAG, the occasional hot chick in costume, new technology, inspiring speeches and wait for it…..BEAN BAGS! YAY! If you want more info on the festival…here ya go.

So now that you have a pretty solid idea of what goes on in general, stay tuned for Luke Gallagher’s spin on the awesomeness of Whil Wheaton’s Keynote Speech delivered today to a packed house. will continue to bring you up to date throughout the three day festival of nerd mayhem and video game buzz.

For those of you attending the festival…look for us Nerd Bastards hanging around in our T-shirts (soon to be available to the public)…and approach us. We’ll greet you with an appropriately awkward hello and give you a little token of our appreciation. Thanks to all of our supporters and new visitors to the site who met us today!


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Nerds may be known for wearing lots of logo shirts (they’re free afterall), high waters, pocket protectors and generally UN-stylish wardrobes. But I’m sorry, there has been an evolution, no, Revolution in nerd style. A whole lot of bad-ass artisans have been busy in their workshops cranking out some pretty cool accessories for nerds. Here’s a few favorite picks for the Gamers in the crowd. (Pictured Above: Mario Brothers Cuff Links)


MPost12892-deadlandct5The newest video at the Reckless Tortuga channel on youtube clearly explains why online gamers are quite anti-social creatures.  I put myself in this category to an extent as well, as I used to play a lot of TF, CoD1, and RTCW.  I am however not quite as much of a prick in reality as this young man appears to be…anymore.  I do still have a *slight* problem interacting with so called normal people though.  I used to love playing online with dickheads like this though, all the trash talking and bravado they spewed only sweetened the victory when I would destroy them in a pistols only battle in CoD, the POW Camp was my favorite for this.

I always thought that a great idea for a reality show would be to get a top tier group of FPS gamers and send their asses into simulated combat with top tier military units.  I got the idea after watching a commercial for SoCom where a group of gamers got spanked royally in an online match against their unseen opponents, a group of actual Navy Seals.  I just want to see a bunch of shit talking 20 year olds get their asses handed to them and be publicly humiliated.

Weekend Box Office Top Ten

The Top Ten Movies of the weekend are as follows. Which surprises me very much, for a Labor Day weekend. The Sandra Bullock vehicle being a negative rom-com fared as well as one would expect, but didn’t beat out The Proposal earlier this summer. Gamer stumbled in to a paltry haul, but what makes me the most amused is Extract. Extract came in 10th with labored breath to the ring of 4.2 Million, the same that Mike Judge’s Office Space took on it’s opening. (more…)