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Characters getting killed off on Game of Thrones happens so much and so often that it has left many viewers numb to each new death. Making each new death a little less shocking and lowering the emotional impact when compared to the last. That, however, was not the case with a certain someone met their unexpected and brutal departure in the final moments of the season 5 finale.

The death of this character has sent GOT fans into a fury, many believe it’s not true – that the character will return next season. This is largely based on fan theories from the Game of Thrones books by author George R.R. Martin, who left enough implications and bread crumbs to lead people to believe the fan-favorite character has a much larger story to tell post his Julius Caesar like demise.

All this hub-bub has gone so far that the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama, to get confirmation of death.

*Note: if somehow you’ve managed to swear off the internet these last few weeks and haven’t seen the GOT Season 5 finale, let this be your only SPOILER WARNING.  (more…)


*** Caution: Here There Be Spoilers… ***

Of all the visceral emotions Game of Thrones evokes in its viewers, ‘relief’ is rarely amongst them. George R.R. Matin’s dragon-filled soap opera is often cruel and treats even its biggest fans with borderline contempt. First, Ned Stark was beheaded at the behest of sniveling King Joffrey while his daughters helplessly watched. The road to avenging his death seemed like it was well paved for young Robb Stark, King of the North, until he, his mother and pregnant wife were massacred by the Lannisters at the now infamous ‘Red Wedding’. The modus operandi for both the novels and the series seems to be providing a sliver of false hope for those willing to immerse themselves in the sex and violence stuffed world to cling to; a hero that stands tall as many snakes slither in the grass at their feet. Only when those snakes strike, Martin (along with show-runners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss) seem to revel in watching your champion die a slow, painful death, knowing full well  that you’re in just as much agony as the fictional character you’re mourning. It’s a mean-spirited streak not found in most mainstream media, black-hearted to the core and a big part of what makes the HBO series so special (or despicable, depending on your threshold for suffering).

But what happens when one of the villains finally gets their just desserts? Is it such a shock that the story would finally give us what we want? Or are there strings attached, as Martin & Co. just can’t help but add a caveat to our catharsis? Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Lion & The Rose, a detailed guide to how Game of Thrones doles out justice for its audience. 


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