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Above: Damn, Sauron is lookin’ good! Who knew, under all that imposing armor was just a beach girl wanting to have fun. (Fashionably Geek)


Why wait until December to see Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit when Gene Deitch‘s version is already available. Back in 1966 producer William Snyder’s rights to the story had almost expired when he had Deitch animate a super low budget version. It all fit on one 35mm reel, which meant it could only be 12 minutes long. The animator only recently released this never before seen official adaptation, and shared it on his blog saying,

Snyder played his ace: to fulfill just the letter of the contract – to deliver a “full-color film” of The Hobbit by June 30th. All he had to do was to order me to destroy my own screenplay – all my previous year’s work, and hoke up a super-condensed scenario on the order of a movie preview, (but still tell the entire basic story from beginning to end), and all within 12 minutes running time – one 35mm reel of film. Cheap. I had to get the artwork done, record voice and music, shoot it, edit it, and get it to a New York projection room on or before June 30th, 1966! I should have told him to shove it, but I was basically his slave at the time. It suddenly became an insane challenge.

An insane challenge with surprisingly great results. Sure, it’s dated, cheap looking and some pronunciations seem weird, but still damn impressive. (TDW: Geek)



Have you ever wondered what part of Bowser would be a good piece of meat? Have you wondered if Chocobo nuggets would go well with some honey mustard? Or have you wondered if Yoshi’s tongue would be good for a stew?

Well, if you don’t have the same obsession of meat diagrams like Jude Buffum did, I’m sure you said no to all three questions above.  That’s right, with some exploring and a love of meat diagrams, Buffum created some meat diagrams of well known video game characters and creatures.

So check out after the jump for some awesome looking diagrams and head on over to Buffum’s site if you want to buy any of the diagrams because who wouldn’t want a image of Yoshi all cut up.

Source: Geekologie, Jude Buffum’s Website