As nerds, bastard-like or otherwise, cartoons are at the core of what started the love of all things nerdy for the vast majority of the community. Nerds are exposed to them as children and from then on the seed grows. Cartoons can shape and inform what we choose to indulge in as adults. Nerds rally against any change or reboot or reimagining of our beloved childhoods, some even going so far as to say that these changes ruin what came before. As the years roll by we tend to look back on the cartoons so endeared to us with rose-tinted glasses. But do they hold up? Were our cartoons as good as we remember them being or are they better left in the rear-view mirror we call nostalgia?


Obviously when you release the schedule for the first half of a con, you’re going to release the schedule for the second half sooner rather than later. To wit, San Diego Comic Con has now fully disclosed the goings on of their 2014 edition, and the weekend line-up promises the bulk of the con’s big movie panels and some of the TV shows it didn’t have time to get to one Friday. So what’s in store? Read on to find out. (more…)


Perhaps to demonstrate how many after school cartoons have been dumbed down for mass consumption, Disney is now streaming the 13-episode first season of Gargoyles on its YouTube channel. The series, which aired during the mid-90s in syndication, was well-known for two things: it’s complex storytelling and for having an inordinate number of voice-over roles featuring Star Trek actors. The show has been available on DVD for a while, but if you’ve never watched it, or weren’t sure you wanted to invest in the discs, Disney seems to have given you no choice but to watch one of their best modern animated works. (more…)

Disney has made some fantastic cartoons that we’ve all grown up watching, and the Gargoyles series was one of the best — hands down. Sadly, this isn’t about the wickedly sweet animated series.

Currently being produced by Lauren Shuler Donner of the X-Men franchise, the series is currently in the hands of G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra screenwriters David Elliot and Paul Lovett. They are rewriting the script that had previously been written by Zoe Green… and it should worry you. Not to ruffle any feathers or anything, but G.I. Joe sucked some major ass; it still baffles the mind that the studios okayed a sequel to that trash. Disney just screwed the pooch on this one.

The film centers on “a world in which the stony statues on buildings come to life. Elliot and Lovett would portray them as guardian angels for the cities in which they reside”. So, it’s not quite the animated series… but it practically is the animated series.

Hopefully the sun does come up on this feature — only so someone can smash it to tiny bits.

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poltergeistCan you feel the power of Saturday Morning?

The 90’s were a great time in T.V history, especially in cartoon history. Yes the 80’s have the cult classics…the O.G’s of cartoons. 90’s cartoons were edgy, they were aimed not just at children that were easily amused by flashing light and bright colors, but to college stoners and parents alike. So with that brief intro we invite you to join us after the jump to take a trip down (foggy) memory lane and check out the Top Ten Sorely Missed Cartoons of the 90’s. Did your favorite make the list? (more…)