The first full trailer for director Toya Sato‘s live action film, Gatchaman has hit the Internet. Gatchaman was known in the States as the much watered down anime versions, Battle of the Planets and G-Force. You might remember a teaser trailer that came out a couple of weeks ago, it’s the second video below if you don’t and haven’t seen it yet.

That teaser was incredible and full of action. This trailer . . . not so much. Hopefully when we get a translated or sub-titled version of the trailer it might help, but as it is, the trailer is choppy and doesn’t have that same energy of the teaser that blew me away.

The cast includes Tori Matsuzaka as the teams leader Ken, Go Ayrano as the second in command Jo, Ayame Gorikias as Jun, Tatsuomi Hamada as young Jinpei, and Ryohei Suzuki as the pilot Ryu.

The five serve as agents of the International Science Organization in Tokyo at the beginning of the 21st century. Galactor, a mysterious group whose technology far surpasses that of humans, has declared war on the entire world and has already subjugated half of it. A mysterious crystal-like object called a “stone,” is humanity’s only hope. Those who are able to draw out the power of the “stones” are forced to train as Earth’s ultimate weapon, a five-person team called “Gatchaman.”

The theme song was the big reveal in this trailer. Bump of Chicken is the band and are apparently a big deal in Japan and the only choice for director Sato. Stay for the ending credits, that’s where you can check out the new music.

Watch the trailer and met me on the other side for more.

Here’s the teaser for those that haven’t seen it yet.

The “feel” of the trailer seems disjointed, or is it just me? The fiery phoenix looks cool and was a trademark on the animated series. I can’t wait to see some of the Cosplay that will come out of these movie, those suits look pretty bad-ass.

What did you think of this trailer?

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If you’re a fan of the older Japanese animes like myself, you’ll know that before there were Power Rangers, there was the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Five young people, fighting to save our planet. This bird themed team was released in the states under the names Battle of the Planets, G-Force and finally under the original name, Gatchaman.  The series has a dedicated cult following who’ve been waiting for a live action treatment since the 70’s. This production has been in the works since 2004, but so far we’ve gotten nothing more than a teaser trailer.

Now, nearly a decade after it was first announced, a Gatchaman live-action film has not only finished pre and post production, it’s going to be released this year! While we can’t speak a lick of Japanese, we have been able to secure, through sources like IMDB and the Anime News Network, that this version will have a few subtle changes from the Japanese anime of the 1970s’, not that weak dubbed version we had to deal with here in North America.

Set in the near future in Tokyo, Japan. The evil terrorist organization Galactor has declared war on the world. The group possesses more advanced technology than governments and occupies over half of the planet. Dr. Kozaburo Nambu of the International Science Organization gathers together 5 superhero ninja agents, known collectively as Gatchaman, to stop Galactor.

Don’t start trying to order your theater tickets online just yet, the film is only slated for release in Japan so at best we’ll get a look at some pirated copy online while we wait for the DVD import in the near future. 

Directed by Toya Sato under the production of the Nikkatsu Corporation an official release date for Gatchaman is slated for an August 24th release date. Until then, take a look at these exclusive character shots and the official teaser trailer from the film’s site after the jump.


Gatchaman, Battle of the Plantes, or G-Force, what ever ya want to call it, the Science Ninja Team’s CGI film is still set for a 2011 release. Back in February, we got news that Imagi (Astroboy, TMNT) had shut down due to financial problems and the last news of the Gatchaman film was that they were looking for partners to help release this. Fast forward to July and we get a teaser trailer from Imagi, who is now apparently back from the grave.

While I’m sure the the teaser isn’t showing the final details of the CGI, I did enjoy the action it displayed. Like most Imagi films, it’s aimed for the kids and hopefully this would introduced a new generation of kids to this classic anime. What do ya’ll think of the trailer? Did you enjoyed the Imagi’s past films that it would make ya look forward to this? Or you think this will fail?

Source: /Film, Twitch