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This is a most brilliant video of a Christmas dinner invaded by pixellated ghouls and demons, which had to be slayed, 1980s Gauntlet style. Remember, do not shoot  food, later on, you’ll need it, badly. (The Mary Sue)



There was a time, back in the early 80’s when arcades were the place to be on a Friday night. When you walked in the door all you could hear was the blips and beeps of Pac Man and Donkey Kong.  Crowds gathered, and gamer legends were born.  Sadly, I was born a little too late for the arcade mania that was the genesis of modern day gaming. Now thirty years later it is a billion dollar industry and one of the more important forms of entertainment many of us can’t live without.  By the time I was tall enough to reach the arcade controller there was already two inches of dust on it and people would rather play Atari and Nintendo then go down to the local arcade and play away their allowance money.  Then, just as we stopped arguing about what was better Sega or Nintendo, something happened.  The Arcade lights went back on and it was time to pop those quarters in the slots again. These are the Top 5 games that stole every kid’s hard earned paper route money back in the mid 90’s. Why not 10? Oh there’s 10, but I thought 5 to be a more fitting number since that is how many rolls of quarters these games took from me and my friends every time we went to the arcade!