Gavin O’Connor


The Green Hornet. Legendary comic book character to some, and to others, a terrible Seth Rogen movie.  This is a character that once, back in the 60’s, went toe-to-toe in popularity with Batman. Sadly, this emerald colored crimefighter got reduced to stoner material with Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen‘s 2011 superhero comedy. While some enjoyed the laughs and action (“Kato-vision” was also a really neat take on “bullet time.”), it completely failed to bring this once famous character back into the spotlight, and instead, got remembered as the movie where Seth Rogen wasn’t fat anymore.

Well, hey, don’t count a good superhero down. In a world where Spider-Man can get multiple reboots, so can’t every other superhero. The Green Hornet is coming back! This time from a director in much more capable hands.  (more…)