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‘Duke Nukem Forever’ Goes Gold

A fable of the late 90’s, a joke in it’s industry and now everyone has to kiss his alien-kicking ass; Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. After 14 years of ‘development hell’ the adventures of the worlds greatest hero is back for another round. In plain English for those that don’t know, “going gold” means that a game is 100% complete, the final version of a game is in production. Everything has finally culminated into it’s June 10th release and as a fan of the franchise I couldn’t be happier for this long awaited game.

When your history of development becomes it’s own seperate wikipedia page it’s not something to be proud of, it’s like farting in church. When 3D Realms started making their empty promises of  “We’re working on it” fans could only sit there and smell the bullshit. Years of telling folks “It’ll get done when it get’s done” finally took it’s toll on the game. In between the endless jokes and scrutiny, the game crashed and burned. Thankfully a new company, Gearbox studios, took control of Duke and nursed him back to health. After only another short delay the game is finally complete and waiting to be placed into the hands of your inner child. They only way to top this would be to actually have Jesus himself endorse this game and make it a patron saint on the spot. After all the abuse this franchise has gone through it deserves it more then anyone else could.

Glad to see the red and yellow back June 10th, 2011 when Duke Nukem Forever hits shelves for the PS3, X-Box 360 and PC. For real this time, honest.

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This ain’t no lie folks as finally, and I mean finally, Duke Nukem Forever will be on store shelves on May 3rd, 2011. After 14 long freakin’ years in developmental hell, game engine changes, publisher troubles, and god knows what else, we’ll be able to play as the bad ass once again in an all new game.

I don’t know about you but Duke Nukem 3D was my first FPS and I instantly got hooked to the gameplay and the awesome one liners from the man himself. Everything I’ve seen for Forever has got me excited like a little high school girl that is ready to blow Duke.

Are any of you guys excited to once again take control of Duke and beat down some three breasted monsters or you think Duke Nukem has lost his glory a long time ago and that the game will suck?

*Update: Posted below is a kick ass trailer for the game that get’s me more excited for the game.

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Holy balls of steel, we’re actually getting Duke Nukem Forever next year and this time, it’s for real. The big news at PAX yesterday was how 2K Games will now be publishing the game and that Gearbox Software (Borderlands, Brothers in Arms franchise) has been developing it since of 2009. Randy Pitchford, who is the president of Gearbox, has worked on Duke Nukem Forever before left 3D Realms to form Gearbox.

After over a decade, we’ll finally get to kick ass with Duke in Forever, and word is that the first thing you do in the game is to take a piss in a urinal, which you get to control. What a way to start by pissing all your frustration away. Is there any gamers out there who is happy to hear about the news that Forever will be coming out next year or do y’all think it’s way too late for Duke to make any sort of impact in this generation of video games.

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