Gearbox Studios

Whenever a video game (or anything for that matter) tells you to “get ready to joy-puke your face off”, I hope those are words they don’t take lightly, doubly so if they include the adjective “bazilliondier.”

Behold, the launch trailer for Boarderlands 2 is here with it’s cell-shaded graphics to pleasure hump your eyeballs out. Gearbox Studios plans to release the squeal best selling post-apocalyptic shooter/RPG hybrid to North American gamers on the 18th of September (sorry internationals, you have to wait till the 21st). Promising more guns, more skills and even more guns (plus some boobs) I think it’s safe to say if you loved the first one, you are now officially excited for the second.

Now if you will excuse me, I think I’ve still got some joy to get out, Will you hold my hair?

The trailer is after the jump.


Duke Nukem Demo


Duke Nukem Forever is FINALLY on its way to coming to video game consoles near you!

The long-awaited sequel to 1996’s Duke Nukem 3D, developed by Gearbox Studios (the one that brought you the amazing videogame Borderlands) is finally on track to be released early next year.

Duke Nukem Forever has been infamous for its insanely long development period, and was even feared to disappear when its old production studio 3D realms, was downsized and sued for not finishing it on time. All they would say was that the game would be released “when its done,” But, once it was settled out of court, the game is almost done after 14 years.

Gearbox‘s Randy Pitchfordis is taking the demo of the game on a world tour, and his first stop was Amsterdam. And luckily for us, some people filmed the demo, and we can show it to you.

Be warned – this video contains images of Duke peeing, crudely drawn penises on whiteboards, and Duke getting pleasured orally by two buxom ladies. In short – it’s everything you expect from a Duke Nukem game.

Check out the video below!