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The presumption was that 2016 was going to be a video game movie renaissance, but Angry Birds tanked, Warcraft was barely a success with lots of help from China, and now all hopes lay on Assassin’s Creed, and the reboot of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Truly, the idea that video game gold can be turned into cinema success is unlikely to go away as the possibility of big bank by expanding to video game-based films is too enticing, so it should come as no surprise that video game companies will keep trying. Next up is Coalition Studios who are now hoping to turn the Xbox series Gears of War into a major motion picture franchise. (more…)


Gears of War 4 – Fenix Reborn

April is looking to be a busy month for Xbox and the much-loved franchise Gears of War. News is finally starting to filter down to the masses in regard to long anticipated Gears of War 4. The military/horror action game was a solid hit in 2006, and gamers everywhere were quickly drawn to the war-torn hero Marcus Fenix. Two sequels spawned relatively speedily in 2008 and 2011;a prequel of sorts appeared in 2013 but fans have been waiting for a proper follow-up for years. 2015’s E3 convention brought word that Gears of War 4 would arrive soon and focus on the son of Marcus. A teaser trailer is finally here, in true GoW fashion, with a haunting cover song to set the mood. (more…)


Back in 2007 New Line picked up the rights to Epic Games‘ first person shooter hit, Gears of War. The production went as far as enlisting Len Wiseman to direct  and Stuart Beattie to write the script, then the whole thing stalled out after New Line and Epic couldn’t come to terms about creative differences concerning the project, the project got shelved, and after a time, the  rights reverted back to Epic.

The word now is that Scott Stuber (Producer of Battleship, Ted) has come on board to produce and begin the script development process with the creative team over at Epic Games. There’s no writer, director, or distributor attached yet, but Stuber does have a first look deal with Universal. You can bet they’ll also be shopping the project out to other studios.

The videogame story is set on the planet Sera and follows a former P.O.W. who is civilization’s best hope in the fight against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures who emerged from beneath the planet’s surface and are intent on eliminating humankind.

We’ll have to wait and see how far the project goes this time around. Epic has been burned once before and it’s not likely they’ll give up much creative control of the video game franchise’s film adaptation. Most video game companies are very tight when it comes to creative control of their properties. It’s hard to blame them though, one bad movie could kill a game franchise in the main stream public arena.

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These things are made to seduce us, and as a natural born cynic I’m supposed to take every E3 announcement with a grain of salt, because while everything is ambitious and amazing now, we are far away from these companies delivering on these promises and living up to the hype.

With that said though, as a lead off for E3, Microsoft got things started right — showing us a look at games like Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Splinter Cell: Black List, Tomb Raider, and everything that the Kinect and Xbox Live can and will do on the 360.

There was no mention of a next generation console, but plenty of talk about knocking down the walls that keep our numerous devices separate. The voice recognition on the Kinect is the first part of Microsoft’s 3 tiered campaign toward evolution — with voice command you can choose a film genre, then a film, and have your Xbox respond. While playing a game like Madden 2013, you can stand in and call audibles at the line and call out individual players to run routes, as was demonstrated by NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana.

The second part of Microsoft’s plan is Xbox Smart Glass, a way to bridge the gap between your Tablet, Microsoft enabled smartphone, and your console. With Smart Glass you can watch an episode of Game of Thrones on HBO GO on your console and your Tablet will show you a map of Westeros, detailing where each character is (particularly helpful when there are 272 main characters on the show, I guess). Don’t want to call in a play using voice command while playing Madden? Take your tablet and draw up a play, Xs and Os style, changing routes on custom plays mid game.

The third part of the evolution of the Xbox is real web browsing via Internet Explorer on Xbox Live that allows voice command to help you use Bing search for whatever you need. You can also navigate the web via a downloadable ap that lets you use your smartphone as a mouse. Not just a Windows 8 enabled smartphone either, but any smartphone, including Android and Apple devices.

All of this together certainly gives Microsoft an edge and increases their lead in the motion “peripheral” field over Sony’s half-assed Move and even the new Wii U because of the hands free nature of Microsoft’s device and it’s increasing ability to be intuitive and user friendly. This also comes about because Microsoft has another advantage over Nintendo and Sony, they’re Microsoft, and really, for the first time that is something that they are taking advantage of, sharing the benefit of the upcoming Windows 8 with Xbox console havers. Now, with a full Windows 8 enabled line of products — from Tablets and phones powered by the OS to Xbox Live and your console, there really is no wall left standing and nothing to hold us back from full immersion. So basically, goodbye sunlight.

Another big Xbox Live announcement is all of the content that the service is promising to provide. The NBA, the NHL, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and Univision, are all signed on to provide movies, live sports (which can be watched via a voice controlled split screen), and more. There is also Xbox Music, which promises 30 million songs and a revolutionary way to share and listen to music.

So basically, this is Microsoft going after iTunes and Apple, and really, you have to marvel at Microsofts balls here, because they’re trying to become the ultimate entertainment hub, and they have the resources to do it, and no one, not Apple, not likely Sony, and certainly not Nintendo, have the software or the support to beat them to it. The question is, how long will this hardware, this generation be the hub, and there was nothing offered that shed any light on that. The thing is, these promised improvements aren’t really Xbox 360 dependent, with changes taking place on XBL and the new Windows OS, meaning they could easily function as well and probably better on a next gen console, whenever Microsoft feels the need to invest in that. Bottom line: These improvements, if implemented properly and as promised (always a big if), can extend the Xbox 360’s lifespan for a good long while.

With that said, now on to the games!

As you can see, Halo 4 looks brilliant. I gave up on 360 last winter and got a PS3 because I’m a baseball sim freak and wanted The Show, and also I wanted Uncharted and a Bluray player, but Halo 4, and all the above mentioned enhancements honestly fill me with regret. The environments look brilliantly detailed, and the cinematics are a knock out. The chances of me not re-buying a 360 are minuscule at best, in part because of my excitement level over this game.

Splinter Cell Black List has smooth animation and Kinect voice recognition support that allows you to call over to a potential mark, or alert that mark to your presence when your dog barks, or the phone rings.  The game looks as if it lacks the fluidity of motion that Max Payne 3 has, but it’s a clear upgrade from past iterations. I’m the wrong guy to talk about Sam Fisher games, as I left the franchise a long, long time ago.

Fable The Journey looked like a fun Kinect game, but the animation disappointed me, as I favor as realistic a look as is humanly possible. Same goes for the teaser trailer we saw for Ascend New Gods, though Ascend had giants ripping people in two, so you know, it’s got that going for it.

The new Gears of War footage was all cinematic trailer that had all the usual pretty bells and whistles, but these show nothing substantial to game play, so we’ll have to hope for more footage at a later date.

The new Tomb Raider, which is an origin story, was the second 3rd person shooter we saw, and it looks much quicker than Splinter Cell, and more immersive with water and debris hitting the screen, as if it were built for a 3d experience. The sequence where Lara Croft falls down a waterfall may have been the visual stunner of the entire presentation and this might be the Tomb Raider game that reclaims the adventure title belt from the Uncharted series, though it’s goona take more than amped up action to do that.

I mentioned Ascend New Gods before, but there were 2 other snapshot teasers — one for Loco Cycle, which looks to be an assasain motorcycle, and man should they have showed more of that to earn a bit more buzz and a few less eyerolls. Speaking of showing more, all I know about Matter from Gore Verbinski is that it is called Matter, it’s from Gore Verbinski, and it may be starring the Toclafane from Doctor Who, or something of close relation.

The gameplay from an extended look at Resident Evil 6 looked great, with solid combat and up close and personel zed kills. The zombies look great, but if I have to have a complaint, I’ll note that some of the after-effects of the bombs and up close shots dont live up to the impressive graphics. I imagine a grenade thrown into a hallway of 7 or 8 zombies doesn’t leave little to no damage on the structure and it surely doesn’t divide the horde into a tidy pile of cleanly severed limbs. I fully expect and fully hope to see that corrected by the street date though, as that can be a little distracting if left unresolved.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were probably the best part of the presentation in terms of showmanship, though the pretty yet overly enthusiastic girl who demonstrated Wrecketeer sure gave it her all to take that crown. While on stage the guys poked fun at Microsoft’s cross platform ambition, while also talking up South Park: The Stick of Truth, an epic adventure game that really does look as if you’re playing through an episode of the show as a new kid who is a part of the gang.

Following the guys from South Park was an Usher song and dance number that I was super excited to see, because it meant I could get up and take a piss. When I returned, I was treated with another extended gameplay look at what will likely be the biggest selling game of 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which toured the (in the future) destruction of LA from an on the ground perspective. What can I say, it’s a COD game, and it looked stupendous, and also, I swear I heard Michael Rookers voice in the cast, but that could have been a joygasm afterglow hallucination.

Well, that’s everything I saw watching Microsoft’s live E3 Xbox presentation. Over the next few days will bring you recaps like this for Sony and Nintendo, as well as trailers and video game news as they break. So keep checking back, tell us what you’re excited about in the comment section, and happy gaming!

If you want to watch or re-watch Microsoft’s presentation, go here.







With E3 just a week away, you can bet your ass that we’ll be getting ass loads of video game trailers.And it seems that we’re starting off with a trailer from a game series that marked the Xbox 360 as the ultimate third-person shooter console.

Epic Games released their official campaign reveal trailer for Gears of War 3 during the finals of the UEFA Champions League. Just like the name of the game studio, the trailer shows how epic the battle will be in this last installment of the trilogy and having “War Pigs” playing in the background helps set up the fighting mood.

With the addition of four player co-op, mech suits, playable female characters and as Marcus would say, “ten shitloads” of stuff added, are you pumped for the third game or could you care less about it?

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Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC (and sometimes the MAC). We also cover downloadable titles as well.

This week we see the release of one of the biggest crossovers that features two well known companies in nerd culture. The handhelds will be seeing some RPG love and as always, we got two downloadable games for you to check out.

So what are y’all waiting for? Check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!



With the recent news of the upcoming Naruto game having someone from Tekken making a cameo (of course, the dumb asses don’t pick Yoshimitsu to be that character), I started thinking about past games that had awesome cameos. To some of us, it’s a nice treat that gives us a chuckle and to others,  it gives them hope for a possible crossover. While this list may not be a top ten list, it is a list that hopefully makes some of you think “Wow, that’s pretty cool” or say “Awesome!’ Check after the jump to see if any of the cameos listed are the ones you already know about or some that are news to you.



Playing violent video games have created many sociopaths, or at least that’s what Hillary Clinton would have you believe.. Bitch. Anyway, such video games are a great outlet for pent up anger and frustration. Curb stomping a locust or ripping someone limb from limb in Prototype, take your pick because I guarantee it will lessen your bad mood. This is a top 9 list and that’s it. “Why not 10?” Because I’m fucking working my ass off. Why not 8?! I’m sorry, I get emotional..  This list will, hopefully, open your eyes to some of the greatest brutal weapons in video games and maybe even turn you on… What? Don’t be gay.. *Rubs ice cube on nipple* Well, enjoy. You sadistic nerdy bastards! (more…)


Finally we get the announcement of Epic’s Gears of War 3 and folks, as Marcus would say to Dom, it looks like it’ll be ten $#!T loads of awesome. It seems like it is set some time after Gears 2 and we got the regular cast of folks, with Dom not shaving because he is probably depressed still but it also seems like we may also be getting a playable female character (yay, boobs). Other info we get is that there will be a new group of foe called the Lambert, and they are tentacle creatures that evolves while you fight them. They seem to be an enemy to the Locust as well so who knows if there is some twist in teaming up with the Locust.

The game is set to be release April 5th, 2011 and if you can’t wait, well seems like there will be novels that will fill in the time gaps and also introduce the Lambert and hey, you’ll get some Gears 3 stuff for your avatar soon. In the mean time, check out the trailer, titled Ashes to Ashes, after the jump as I believe it captures the feeling of the Gear’s 1 Mad World trailer.

*Update:* Cliff Bleszinski, the man that brought us the Gears franchise, just announced on his Twitter that Gears of War 3 will have a 4 Player integrated Co-op for story mode.